Welcome to The Restless Boss Beast blog, I am so grateful that you stopped by. My name is Naomi. Originally, I wanted to create a space specifically for moms that require a dose of self-care, but then I realized that everyone needs self-care even if you are not a parent. I am opening this space for anyone who needs help with self-care because everyone deserves it. This blog will consist of self-care tips, stories, funny moments, poems and whatever else my eccentric, quirky mind comes up with. Let’s boss up together!

A Word From The Restless….

Self-care isn’t selfish, if you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

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About Me

Hey There! I’m Naomi, a freelance writer. I enjoy writing think pieces, poetry and about my culture, the black community. I am a girl mom, I love to read, watch funny movies, or serial killer documentaries (whichever comes first), exercise, and most importantly inspire through my writing, in hopes of helping as well as motivating at least one person in this world to become the best version of themselves. Come join me, as I share my restless boss moments, tips and tricks, and how to better care for yourself!