Exercise To Trigger Positivity

When we exercise, we typically have a mindset to lose weight and maintain our figure or strive for an ideal one. Sometimes we fail to realize that exercising comes with more benefits than just losing weight. Exercising naturally releases endorphins that cause the body to relax and gives off a positive vibe. This may sound odd, but if you can’t relax, try exercising for 30 minutes, this will help release tension and improve daily function. 

I particularly find it necessary to exercise when I am stressed. Studies have proven that exercising for at least 30 minutes, five times a week, reduces anxiety and depressive moods. Additionally, it helps reduce insomnia, for a better night’s rest. With an infant, I find it difficult to go back to sleep after she is fed, during the night, but I noticed that if I include exercise in my daily regimen, I don’t struggle as much to fall back to sleep in between feedings. 

Emotionally, exercise can boost self-esteem. You will have more energy than ever before even if you haven’t met your fitness goal yet. Fortunately, the age of technology has blessed us women to conveniently download exercise apps from our phone. Some great exercising apps include: Verve, Daily Workout Fitness Trainer, All Out Studio, and Pear just to name a few. These apps are specifically designed for women who have a hectic schedule and desperately want to fit a workout in. So what is stopping you from feeling great? Girl, get your workout on to trigger self-positivity!

Published by The Restless Boss Mom

Hi! My name is Naomi.I best describe myself as quirky and awkward with a good sense of humor sprinkled in. I am a self-proclaimed freelance writer. When I am not writing, I am reading, observing, learning and being a boss mom to two amazing little girls. Self-care is my motto and I enjoy discussing it on a regular basis. Follow me for mom moments, self-care tips and tricks or just to take a brief break from reality.

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