My Top Five Curly Girl Products

In order for me to tame my curls, products that actually work for my hair are essential. To better accommodate my curls, I had to study my hair from the porosity to the density of it. I have discovered that I am low porosity, low density with a type 3c/4a curl pattern. Knowing these certain facts about my hair, made it a lot easier finding products to nurture it. The following are my most favorite curly girl hair care products that worked the best for my hair and brought out my curl definition. 

Seed Phytonutrients Anti-Frizz Cream- I mentioned this product in a previous post, and the review that I gave still stands. I absolutely love this cream! It smells amazing and it almost instantly eliminates frizz. It’s a little bit on the pricier side, retailing at  $19 but I believe that it’s well worth it, if you want to tame your mane and fight off frizz. 

Doo Gro – Mega Thick Formula Hair Oil

This hair oil is truly a Godsend! This product has helped my hair grow, it easily saturates my low porosity hair and gives it the utmost nourishment. I typically use this product every other day, but especially after I wash my hair to replenish the necessary oil and give it the right hydration and moisture that it needs to survive on a daily basis. This oil is reasonably priced, retailing at $8.99, this lasts me usually a few months. It smells great as well. I am glad that I added Doo Gro to my hair care routine. 

Design Essentials Natural Hair Almond & Avocado Leave-In Conditioner

This leave in conditioner almost left me speechless. The hydration and moisture that this product gave my low porosity hair is out of this world. After I apply this leave in conditioner, my hair is left feeling soft and looking radiant as well as smelling delicious. If you are a curly girl, I definitely recommend this leave in conditioner if you want your curls to pop and your hair to shine. This product is also reasonably priced, retailing at $12.99. 

Design Essential For Natural Hair Almond & Avocado Moisture Primer Pre-Styling Whip

I don’t know why I wasn’t introduced to this product when I first started my natural hair journey because this is the truth! This whip is my hair’s bestie, it smells amazing and prepares my hair for the other products that I apply afterwards. I firmly believe that without this whip my curls wouldn’t be as poppin’. Pricing for this product is fair, retailing at $12.99. 

Design Essentials Scalp and Skin Care Detoxifying Tonic

Considering that I have low porosity hair, I use the LCO method ( leave in conditioner, cream and oil) after applying my leave in and cream, I use this tonic and it does its job with locking in the hydration that my hair strands require. Reasonably priced, retailing at $7, I have zero complaints about this product other than I need to buy some more. 

These are my top five favorite curly girl products. These products have definitely lessened frizz, moisturized and hydrated my scalp and hair strands as well as adding great definition to my curls, when I use all five. If you are a curly girl that is in desperate need of products that will work for your hair. I recommend my top five favorites’ list to accommodate your hair care needs!

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