Bridgerton Review: Episode 1

For the next few weeks I will be giving my review on each episode of Bridgerton and how well I liked it. After I watched the whole season I will be giving my final review as well as my recommendation. Each episode is about an hour long and is set in the 1800’s. Personally I am a Jane Austen fan, and just seeing the first few seconds gave me a Pride and Prejudice vibe that made me even more intrigued. The narrator is Julie Andrews as Lady Whistledown which I think is a perfect selection because she speaks so proper and eloquent, in addition she is well-respected which brings more appeal to the show. The artwork that is displayed in each home is eloquent as well as the mansions that the pieces hang in. For those who have conservative mindsets, may not enjoy the first few minutes as it shows an intimate moment by a tree with Lord Bridgerton’s buttocks shining ever so bright in the camera as he is engaging in a raunchy act with his hushed lover, opera singer Siena Rosso. One feature the Jane Austen’s novels didn’t include was a variety of ethnicities in high rank rather than just portrayed as the help. Apparently the Queen Charlotte is of African descent and approves of Daphne Bridgerton, well at first. This series does include some language but not so much that it’s tasteless and hard to hear. The cast are all quite attractive which makes it easy to include a few more intimate scenes. As mentioned, if you are more conservative this might not be the show for you. These intimate scenes are unexpected and abrupt. There is of course a ball for the eligible ladies to seek and find a potential suitor of the highest rank possible. The dialogue is witty and impeccable. At the ball, Lord Bridgerton, is perceived rather protective of his sister, Daphne and persuades her to be more cautious when choosing a suitor. Lady Featherington is resentful that Miss Marina Thompson has so many more interested suitors than Daphne. Lord Berbrooke has grown increasingly infatuated with Daphne since the ball. Lady Bridgerton and Lady Danbury are scheming to discreetly unite Daphne and Lord Hastings at a dinner. Lord Anthony Bridgerton disapproves of his mother’s desire to match Daphne with Anthony’s friend Lord Hastings. Anthony persuades his sister Daphne to marry Lord Berbrooke but she quickly refuses. There is a hidden pregnancy revealed. The first episode really allows you to understand the intentions of each character. At the end of the episode there is a plot twist, after Daphne physically rejects Lord Berbrooke, Lord Hastings comes up with a brilliant idea to pretend to have an attachment to Daphne in order to increase eligible suitor’s interest for her and for mothers in town to leave him alone. I can foresee some scrumptious drama and suspense happening in future episodes. This show is my cup of tea! The way this show begins makes me excited to see the next episode and what awaits me there. I definitely recommend at least the first episode if you love Jane Austen, British literature, or the 1800’s era! Stay tuned for my review on episode two of Bridgerton!

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