Baby Bath Time Routine

My five month old, Luciana has a couple activities that she enjoys but one of her most favorite is bath time. My goal during bath time is to have her looking and smelling fresh as possible. In order to have her fresh without it being so time consuming, I have created a routine that is quick and easy to follow.

Luciana’s Bath Time Routine:

Before I put Luciana in the tub, I fill it up with water half way. I gather my products that I use for her which is the body wash, shampoo ( when I need to wash her hair), baby oil and cologne (yes there is such a thing called baby cologne, it smells so wonderful even I use it after I bathe. After the water is filled halfway, I sit her in the bath sling and the fun begins. I take a baby washcloth and put it under warm water to sprinkle all over her and she absolutely loves when I do it. After the water sprinkling ritual, I put a copious amount of Johnson’s Bedtime Moisture wash in lavender to create enough lather and bubbles to gently scrub away, making sure I scrub in between toes, rolls and underarms. I spend some extra time cleaning what I call the important areas which are the private area, bottom, neck and behind her ears. Once the cleansing process is complete, I use the same baby cloth to rinse the soap off thoroughly. After the bubbles are gone, I put about a palm full of cocoa butter and shea baby oil and rub it on her arms, neck, belly and legs while she is still in her baby sling, and then I put the baby cologne on the same parts. Now it’s time to wrap her warm with her towel to dry her completely. In order for her to have smooth and soft skin, first I use Johnson’s original baby lotion and then I use the Aveeno Baby lotion in lavender for calming purposes. Next I put her diaper and onesie on, to make her smell extra fresh I put a little baby cologne on her onesie.

Mamas, this routine will have your infant smelling fresh until the next morning. I have noticed after she takes a bath she is a lot happier and sleeps a little bit better. Follow this bath time routine and your baby will be smelling fresher than ever. Enjoy!

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