Bridgerton Review: Episode 2 Shock and Delight

Mamas and Gents,

The tea has been spilled in episode two, Shock and Delight. The show begins with Duke of Hastings being born, his mother’s unfortunate death from child labor, further bringing more content to who Duke of Hastings is, the first born son in his dysfunctional family. I honestly love that they are promoting interracial relationships and society accepting it. I truly think there should be more shows that are set in this era having interracial coupling it makes it more realistic. Lord Bridgerton is upset about his sister and his friend’s courtship because he already promised Lord Berbrooke that Daphne will be engaged to marry him and then tries to convince both his mother and Daphne that Hastings is not a good choice and will never marry. Honestly I think Lord Bridgerton is just being overprotective of his sister and knows his friend’s past that he has convinced himself that they are no where near compatible. Penelope and expecting Marina become closer as Marina opens up about her condition and her lover. The constant flashbacks to Duke of Hastings’ childhood gives the viewer perspective of his character. The sweet moment of vindication when Lord Bridgerton found out how forward Lord Berbrooke was to his sister, that he quickly dismissed him and called off the engagement sparking a scene in public, embarrassing Daphne. I admire that Lord Bridgerton defends his sister’s honor every chance that he gets, it’s refreshing. After Nigel Berbrooke has a good beating from Hastings, his pride doesn’t allow him to forget the arrangement that he had with Lord Bridgerton, showing the Bridgerton’s a legal document that he will marry Daphne or else he will spread rumor that she was dishonored. I absolutely despise men like homely Berbrooke that thinks he can weasel his way into getting whoever he wants, that scene made me cringe. It was relieving when Lady Bridgerton quickly devised a plan to have Lady Berbrooke over for tea so the help can convince one of Lady Berbrooke’s help to talk and when they did, what they found out was so juicy. Evidently Lord Berbrooke has a child with one of his former maids who he refuses to take care of. Once word leaked and Lady Whistledown was informed, Lord Berbrooke immediately left town making Daphne a free woman. The chemistry is undeniable between Hastings and Daphne, but they decide to continue with their plans and faux court, to help find Daphne a husband. At the end of the episode we finally understand why Hastings doesn’t want to be married, his reasoning is what he promised his father, and that is,the Hastings line will end with him, but he may have a change of heart. Oh the juice that is dripping, until the next episode……

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