Bridgerton Review: Episode 4 An Affair of Honor

The tea continues to spill with episode four. Prince Friedrich is really trying to impress Daphne with an exquisite necklace, however Daphne is conflicted with flashbacks about the Duke of Hastings. Meanwhile, Marina is angered that she has to marry immediately in order for her secret to not be revealed. I enjoyed Eloise’s rant about why is it necessary for a woman of that era to be married to be protected and accepted in society. I thought it was endearing that Daphne was speechless when she saw Hastings at her first outing with the prince at a boxing match, I could almost see her heart fluttering. Jealousy boils like a burner from Hastings when he sees his ex beau, Daphne, getting close with the prince. Prince Friedrich’s interest in Daphne heightens when he searches for her brother, Lord Bridgerton, to have a quiet word with him which is a request for her hand in marriage. Daphne finally confesses to her mother what actually happened between her and Hastings. This scene made Daphne appear more vulnerable and transparent of her emotions that made her more relatable. Hurt Hastings, is starting to doubt love and anticipates leaving town. There is some comedic relief with the interaction between Mr. Finch and Philippa Featherington. Some nudity is displayed and drug use when Benedict explores liberal live art. Eloise plays investigator when she accuses one of the maids that she is Lady Whistledown, but is terribly wrong. After quietly rejecting the princes hand in marriage, Hastings meets Daphne outside, upset, she quickly runs away from him provoking a love chase in the garden which quickly becomes heated when he taints her innocence, caught by Lord Bridgerton, he demands that Hastings marries her, but he refuses, leaving the Lord and the Duke to a duel for her honor. Penelope is heartbroken when her crush, Colin Bridgerton chooses Marina. Lord Bridgerton proposes a plan to Siena to run away with him, if he wins the duel to start a new life. Lady Featherington finds out that her husband squandered their money and the only reason he is keeping Marina at the house because he is indebted to her father. Daphne meets Hastings and her brother at the duel to successfully prevent it. Hastings confesses to Daphne that the only reason he can’t marry her is that he is unable to give her children. Even after he reveals his secret and tries to continue with the duel, Daphne refuses, and demands that Hastings and her are to wed. Wooooo! The ending sure gave me chills and it really shows the burning love between Daphne and Hastings. Well, a lot of tea has been spilt for the day, until episode five……

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