Bridgerton Review Episode 5: The Duke and I

Daphne caught her mother by surprise when she announced that she will be marrying the Duke instead of the Prince. Elated, with a hangover, Lady Bridgerton congratulates her daughter marrying for love instead of comfortable living. It was actually quite rare in that era to marry for love so this is definitely a win for the ladies. Daphne gracefully turns the Prince down. Nervous, Simon shows up drunk for their first outing as an engaged coupled. Hastings seems conflicted about marrying Daphne without giving her what she truly wants, a family. Penelope jealously devised a plan to try and split Colin and Marina apart. Cressida confirms what she saw in the garden to Daphne trying to make her ashamed of what transpired there. The Queen encourages the Prince to try harder in winning Daphne over and deliberately postpones Daphne and Hastings’ wedding with the unavailability of the archbishop . Benedict Bridgerton becomes worldly visiting an orgy house and catching Henry Granville with another man. Marina reveals her plans to have a proposal from Colin bringing further heartache to Penelope. Hastings and Daphne come together trying to convince the Queen to reconsider helping them with having a wedding earlier than she originally allowed. Hastings confesses his true feelings about Daphne leaving her in awe and even more in love with him. The Queen allows Daphne to choose between her nephew and Hastings. Finally, my heart leaped when I saw Daphne walk down the aisle to meet her Duke. Penelope confesses that she doesn’t want Marina to trap Colin in a marriage. Refusing to take her advice, Marina goes in for the dive and tries to seduce Colin but fails because he would rather marry her than destroy her honor as a lady. She accepts gladly but he insists on a long engagement, preparing for what she deserves. Henry comes in contact with Benedict at the wedding making sure he is quiet about what he saw, Benedict denies even seeing what happened and finally is able to meet Lucy Granville, his wife. Daphne is anxious about her wedding night and confides in her mother about the “act.” Doubting that Daphne feels the same for him, Hastings requested separate rooms for their wedding night wanting to give her space. After their passionate conversation, which almost left me on the floor, it was confirmed that they burned for one another leading to them making love for the first time. Children should be banned for this intimate scene because it definitely is not for virgin eyes. This episode just oozed with romance and passion. Well, until episode six……

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