Let Laughter Be The Remedy

Life can sometimes give us a series of unfortunate events that can be seriously damaging and can cause us to have a cold demeanor. However, I am firm believer that a positive disposition can make a big difference. I love to laugh, and as the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine, literally. Laughter has been proven to restore balance not only to your mind but also to your body. Laughing decreases your stress levels, boosts your mood and strengthens your immune system. Life isn’t that harsh to allow cynicism to rule your life. Let the toxic waste of negativity go, let loose and laugh a little. I laugh every day and it has made circumstances so much more bearable. I even laugh at myself when I have made silly mistakes or tripped over my feet (tripping over my feet is almost a daily occurrence). Laughing is one of the best cures when you are healing from emotional pain. Mamas, shake off the weight that is so heavy on your shoulders, and let it go with laughter. Instead of dwelling on the problem, find the solution with some much needed giggles. Trust me, you are even more gorgeous when you laugh!

Published by The Restless Boss Mom

Hi! My name is Naomi.I best describe myself as quirky and awkward with a good sense of humor sprinkled in. I am a self-proclaimed freelance writer. When I am not writing, I am reading, observing, learning and being a boss mom to two amazing little girls. Self-care is my motto and I enjoy discussing it on a regular basis. Follow me for mom moments, self-care tips and tricks or just to take a brief break from reality.

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