Bridgerton Review: Episode 6 Swish

Last episode, it ended on at a rather heated scene. This episode the steam was cranked just a little higher when Duke and Duchess Hastings spend their honeymoon together at their new home, Clyvedon. Daphne is glowing in the open scene and Hastings is smitten in love. Clyvedon is such a magnificent mansion that it almost resembles a museum. Colin publicly announces his engagement to Marina. Penelope is crushed about the expected news. Anthony reprimands Colin about the quick engagement. Daphne and Simon become more comfortable with married life. Daphne feels impelled to fulfill her Duchess duties and takes a house tour with her housekeeper Mrs. Colson. Speaking of Mrs. Colson , spectating from afar,she seems unsure of how capable Daphne is being a duchess. There are very explicit sex scenes shared between the Hastings so I would guard the door if you have virgin eyes roaming the house. Penelope and Marina’s friendship is bruised after the announcement of the engagement. Marina and the Featheringtons have a special dinner with the Bridgertons to become better acquainted which turned out to be a hot mess. Out of heated jealousy, Penelope confesses to Colin that Marina heart belongs to another, but he refuses to believe it. After Marina finds Penelope and Colin conversing in the corridor, Colin asks Marina to elope with him in Scotland. Daphne discovers her first error as the duchess and tries to make amends, and confides with Mrs. Colson, developing a closer relationship . Penelope finds out her mother forged the letter to Marina and without hesitation tells her, but the discovery doesn’t change Marina’s mind about eloping with Colin and being his wife despite Penelope’s feelings towards him. Daphne and Simon share another intimate moment that makes her curious as to how a woman can become with child from her handmaiden. After the truth was told to her, she wanted to make love to her husband to find out his betrayal, that he can indeed have children but he didn’t want to have any, because of what he promised to his father, which Daphne doesn’t know about yet. Marina’s secret has been publicly revealed and somehow found out by Lady Whistledown who exposes her in her newsletter. The tea is all over the pristine marble floor now.

I will be doing another review on episode 7 of Bridgerton this Tuesday. Stay tuned!

Until episode seven…….

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