Bridgerton Review Episode 7: Oceans Apart

Upset that her husband wasn’t truthful about his capability of giving Daphne a child, she consistently gives him the cold shoulder which ignites Simon’s anger. Daphne feels that she is required to return home to try and patch up her brother’s scandal. Lady Featherington tries to “place” Marina to take her in with her condition. The Hastings attempt to make up by making love but yet there is still tension between them. Simon warns Daphne that if she is with child he will be married in name only and support the child but live entirely separate lives. I believe he is holding onto resentment from his father promising him that he will not have a child to bring shame to his name. The Featheringtons were put to shame at the Queen’s luncheon and were told to leave to not cause anymore “unpleasantness.” I found it so brave and endearing that Daphne wanted to reconcile and make amends with Marina and put an effort to find the father of her child to afford her protection. Daphne asks the Generals’s wife for a favor for Marina.Anthony confronts Simon about his sister’s unhappiness and ends in bruised faces between them. Simon confesses to Daphne his vow to his father crushing any hopes of a happy marriage with children. Sir Granvile admits to Anthony that he is in love with Lord Weatherby and is only with his wife to afford protection. The Queen reveals to Eloise that she is planning to expose Lady Whistledown for the trouble she is caused and releases Eloise from her duties of being the main investigator, which I believe is rather petty of the Queen. Certain that she is with child, Daphne attends a concert with her husband which leaves her distraught when she starts her cycle, leaving Simon teary-eyes that his wife is so downtrodden. Marina attempts to relief herself of the burden she is carrying and tries to end her life. This is so good and yet only one episode left. Until episode 8, which will conclude season one of Bridgerton….

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