Bridgerton Review Episode 8: After The Rain

Last episode of season one ,of this delightful show and I must say this has been quite the treat. Marina is no longer with child, supposedly and anticipates to go home. Daphne reveals to her mother about the separation in her marriage. Marina pass lover’s brother Philip pays a visit to the Featheringtons but with some grave news that his brother died on the battlefield. She is handed a half written letter from her lover George that he did love her and want to run away and start their family together. Eloise raises suspicion that Madame Delacroix, her brother’s new beau, is Lady Whistledown. Lord Featherington takes a risk at saving his family’s fortune by betting the deed to his house on a fight. Sir Philip pops the question to Marina per his brother’s wishes to afford her a comfortable life, but she refuses his hand. Siena and Anthony lock eyes during the fight and have quite the sexual reunion, it would probably be best to lock the doors with this scene. Lord Featherington wins the fight and brings home a lump some to his family. Knowing the truth about Simon’s childhood speech impediment and how harsh and heartless his father was towards him, Daphne is more understanding of her husband’s mindset. For the final ball of the season, the Hastings guest are quite surprised that the Featheringtons had an invite. Colin crushes Penelope’s heart when he informs her that he is leaving for his tour the following day, and not realize how much she loves him. Siena already afforded a comfortable living, gets cold feet when Anthony arrives to take her to the ball and refuses to be his second choice again and commands him to let her go. Lady Bridgerton gives her daughter Daphne some priceless advice that gives her a change of heart about the separation from her husband. The rain that randomly occurred during the Hastings ball revealed a love between Daphne and Simon so pure that is brought tears to my eyes. Thank God, Simon truly knows that he can be loved by Daphne with his flaws and he doesn’t have to be perfect like his father told him and they proceed to make passionate amends. There has been disturbing news that Lord Featherington has been killed and his family has been left with nothing. Marina makes a hard decision and decides to marry Sir Philip, which I thought was brave of her because as a mother she had to do what was right for her baby that she found out that never got rid of in the first place with her concoction, a comfortable living. Eloise finds out that Lady Whistledown is not Madame Delacroix. I was quite shocked when Lady Whistledown was Penelope all long but that explains a lot. Daphne gives birth to a healthy baby boy, and both the Hastings are overjoyed. This show has been my cup of tea it will be so hard for me to wait until the next season, but I have no choice in the matter. Until season two…..

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