Product Line Review: Palmer’s Tahitian Monoi Moisture Boost

I received this whole line with my Cocotique subscription, I thought I would try it out and give it my honest unbiased opinion. I typically don’t like coconut shampoo because how drying it can be on my curls, but I thought I would give it try considering it’s Palmer’s moisture boost line.

Palmer’s Tahitian Monoi Moisture Boost Shampoo

The consistency of the shampoo is very thick, however I had to rub it in my hands before it could be evenly distributed through my hair. It provided some slip but as I have experienced in the past, this coconut shampoo was a little bit too drying for my liking. I must say it cleansed my hair thoroughly and it gave me a nice and clean scalp. This retails at $4.99. I give this product a 7/10.

Palmer’s Tahitian Monoi Moisture Boost Conditioner

This is amazing, I was pleasantly surprised right after being disappointed from the shampoo. This provided a lot of slip for me to easily finger detangle and gave my hair plenty of moisture and hydration. It honestly helped my curls pop. The moisture boost conditioner retails at $4.99. I am definitely giving this product a 9/10!

Palmer’s Tahitian Monoi Moisture Boost Leave-In Conditioner

Now I must say that I despise spray leave-in conditioners because of how difficult it is for the product to come out. But this one, just changed my mind. The spray bottle made it easy for the leave-in to come out and the way it loved on my curls was impressive. This retails at $5.99. I am rating this at 9.5/10, because I still don’t like the concept of spray bottles, but not hating on the product whatsoever.

Palmer’s Tahitian Monoi Moisture Boost Curl Defining Cream.

At first, I thought this cream was rather mediocre until I saw the definition this gave my curls. I was shooketh! I love the squeeze bottle. The product was nice and creamy. It also added a little shine to my hair which I adored. This retails at $5.99. I will give this product a 9.5/10 only because I didn’t like how it played me and made me believe it wasn’t worth my hard earned coins.

Palmer’s Tahitian Monoi Moisture Boost Hair/ Scalp Oil

This mama requires oil on the scalp and hair. I have always admired Palmer’s hair oil because it does it’s job and locks in the moisture accordingly. You can never go wrong with Palmer’s hair oil. It’s so good I have incorporated it in my daily hair routine. This retails at $5.99. I give this a solid 10/10. It did it’s thing!

I have included a snapshot of the final result of how well this line did in my hair, If you have hair like mine and don’t cringe at coconut shampoo, then the moisture boost line will give your hair some justice.

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