Hip Dysplasia Awareness

June is finally here, and what better way to start it off by spotlighting and being educated on hip dysplasia. For some who may not know, this month is hip dysplasia awareness. I firmly believe that knowledge is power and the more we educate ourselves on causes, specifically hip dysplasia, the better we can help one another. Hip dysplasia affects 1 of every 1,000 babies. I had the opportunity to interview fellow boss mama, Priscilla Olvera who cares for her five year old daughter Xochitl, who has hip dysplasia. This is what she wanted to share:

1. What type of hip dysplasia does your daughter have? Xochitl, was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia at the age of 2.

2. What causes hip dysplasia? From what I was told the exact cause is unknown. However, there are some factors that increase the risk such as family history. Also it’s more common in girls. I read swaddling newborns tightly have a risk as well. One of the main causes is breech delivery.

3. What are the symptoms of hip dysplasia? Some signs to look for would be leg length discrepancy (one leg is longer than the other.) The child has a limp when starting to walk. Also, when the skin folds under the buttocks or the thighs don’t line up. My daughter also never crawled.

4. What challenges have you faced caring for your daughter? Having a child with hip dysplasia is one of the hardest things I have ever faced. It comes with many challenges but I would say one of the biggest ones is having to learn/work with what we have. Something as simple as using the restroom, but now in a half body cast.

5. What is a misconception about hip dysplasia?

A misconception… it doesn’t always take one surgery. Many kids need multiple surgeries, and it’s not always diagnosed at birth.

6. What are some things you would like to make others aware about hip dysplasia? Look for signs. Always get a second opinion. Research! Look for the best doctors out there that specialize in hip dysplasia.

7. How can society help support the cause? DONATE! There are many kids that need surgery and because they can not afford the cost many live with the pain their whole life. I am so very thankful for Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas. We did not have to pay a penny out of our pocket. Support and donate to non-profit hospitals so that children like my daughter do not have to live with the pain!

Special Message From Priscilla:

I know there are many parents out there going through the same thing. Seeing your child in pain is not what any mother wants to see, but don’t ever give up. It’s going to be a VERY bumpy ride but just hang on tight! There is light at the end of the tunnel. Every child with hip dysplasia is different in every way. Some have a successful surgery the first time and some need multiples,but you will get there. You are not alone and it takes strong parents to get through this and you have it in you! Kids are so resilient and at the end they will surprise you with how strong they are.

I hope that Priscilla’s story will help inspire you to support the cause or will give you comfort if you are in a similar situation. Like she said, you are not alone and there is always assistance available!


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