Exposed: Instagram “Brand Managers”Hunting for Ambassadors Part 2: Persistent Predators

As mentioned in part 1 of this series scam artists are lurking all over Instagram to find and drain money out of their next victim. I have yet another story about “brand managers.” Instead of being fooled again, I wanted to delve deeper and ask them some probing questions, just to have a better understanding of their scamming intentions. One thing I found that all of these “brand managers” have in common is that they use a similar script and that is:

These are just two of the companies. There were at least 10 others who said the exact same thing. The one time shipping fee! The “brand managers” will tell you initially that you need to pay for shipping because everything is free but after the first one the shipping will be free. They just need to know you are serious or the shipping is third party and there is nothing they could do but would contradict themselves and say after you pay the first time and become an ambassador, shipping will be free after the first shipping cost which doesn’t make any logical sense if it can be free shipping in the future it can be free shipping initially. I asked all them the same question just to see if they will respond differently or just to laugh because they actually pull this on everyone they come in contact with (even me, sis). Here are some of their responses when I asked about the one time shipping fee:

She had no idea that she was outing herself.

Once you tell them you are no longer interested in the little deal that they “custom made” just for you, they will go missing like a thief in the night…

Or maybe someone else discovered their intentions?

Just beware and cautious because it seems like society is only concerned about making a fast buck.

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