Best Shave For Sensitive Skin

This summer, I have been struggling with a good shaving products that would cater to my legs specifically without the dreadful strawberry legs. My Flamingo razor and foam was no longer working and proved to be too rough for my sensitive skin. Even though it was five blades it still gave me nicks, cuts and raised bumps. Frustrated because I love to show off my legs during the summer, I began to do my favorite thing, research to find a solution to my shaving conundrum. After spending a couple of days on and off investigating, I finally came across some options that I wanted to try. I decided to purchase the Gillette Venus Deluxe Smooth for Sensitive skin 5 Blade razor, the Gillette by Venus Pure Honeyflower shave cream, and the Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Body Oil. I usually start off my shave routine with using a scrub to exfoliate my skin. With my updated routine, I used a scrub that I already had which was The Scrub Of Your Life by Soap & Glory. I love using this scrub because it’s effective without being too abrasive this retails at $10.99 and it’s such a helpful tool for shaving. Gillette by Venus Pure Honeyflower shave cream, smells incredible, the consistency is very thick which is a plus when shaving. I love the fact that this shaving cream was made without dyes, parabens, and SLS sulfates. This honestly made my shave a lot easier and quicker. This little gem retails at $5.99, great purchase if you are on a budget. Venus Deluxe Smooth for Sensitive skin 5 blade razor, I am not going to lie to you, I was nervous about trying yet another razor because I was afraid it wouldn’t work and leave me with the same result that I had from my previous razor. However, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have any nicks or cuts AND no strawberry legs, I almost shed a tear I was elated. This shaving tool retails at $14.99 but I had an online coupon for $3 off at Target so it didn’t put a huge dent in my pocketbook. It’s just as important to exfoliate after you shave than it is before, it will make your shave ten times better. I utilized the same scrub to give my legs that extra care that it craves. Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Body Oil is one of the best body oils for after shaving care. It locks in the moisture and makes your skin glow which are the ultimate shaving goals. This body oil retails at $6.49 and worth every penny because it made my legs shine. After updating my shave routine and products, I am very pleased with the results. If you have sensitive skin and need a shave that will not shed blood and create scars, these are the products for you.

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Hi! My name is Naomi.I best describe myself as quirky and awkward with a good sense of humor sprinkled in. I am a self-proclaimed freelance writer. When I am not writing, I am reading, observing, learning and being a boss mom to two amazing little girls. Self-care is my motto and I enjoy discussing it on a regular basis. Follow me for mom moments, self-care tips and tricks or just to take a brief break from reality.

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