Don’t Lose Yourself

As mothers we play many roles and some roles are more difficult than others. Sometimes those roles can wear on our mental health. We try to take on so much to care for our loved ones, but is that the right approach? Is it healthy? Mothers have been trained over the years to be tough, to over-extend, to not give up, to always be available that we slowly disappear and we start to not recognize the person in the mirror staring back at us. We are everything to everybody but what are we to ourselves? We can lose ourselves in our jobs, in motherhood, being in a relationship, being a caregiver the list can be endless. Losing yourself is quite common but it doesn’t mean that it should continue. Who we are is important. I literally had to tell myself that I am important in the mirror the other day because I felt myself fading away into a certain role. I had to ponder and question who I really was and what defined me, Naomi. I believe we all should have that private conversation and ask ourselves who we really are, what defines us. Just because you play a certain role in people’s lives doesn’t mean you are that role, solely. You are an individual with your own ideas, with a mind, body and soul. Choose who you really are before you lose yourself. Mental exhaustion and having an identity crisis are both very real. It shouldn’t be shoved aside to deal with on another day. It should be identified and dealt with now before you are a stranger to yourself. I encourage to do some deep self-evaluation to find out who you truly are to prevent losing yourself. Self-discovery is beautiful. Go find who you truly are, mama…

Published by The Restless Boss Mom

Hi! My name is Naomi.I best describe myself as quirky and awkward with a good sense of humor sprinkled in. I am a self-proclaimed freelance writer. When I am not writing, I am reading, observing, learning and being a boss mom to two amazing little girls. Self-care is my motto and I enjoy discussing it on a regular basis. Follow me for mom moments, self-care tips and tricks or just to take a brief break from reality.

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