Bridgeton Season 2 Episode 1: Capital R Rake

Last season, I did episode reviews and I thoroughly enjoyed doing them and giving my synopsis and take on each episode. This season, I am super excited to do episode reviews for season 2, because the previous season was too delicious!

Last Season, we discovered the Penelope was actually Lady Whistledown who was the one writing all of the gossip pieces which made it a pleasant twist. In the beginning of the first episode of season two, Eloise Bridgerton was about to come out to society as a respectable young lady when abruptly Lady Whistledown came out with some readable tea and Queen Charlotte dismissed the ritual to catch up on the latest gossip. Can I just dote on how much I love the ethnic diversity it’s vast, rare and brings some spice and flavor to the show. Anthony Bridgerton obsession with finding the right partner has collided with his need to sexually fulfill his desires with ladies of the night (he is doing too much). However, after he goes out for his horse ride, in the wee hours of the morning, he then meets the stunning beauty Kate Sharma as they valiantly race with their horses. Anthony is impressed as Kate wins the horse-riding battle. We discover that Kate Sharma is the step-daughter of Lady Mary who just moved in town. Lady Danbury makes her scene as sponsoring Lady Mary’s two daughter’s Kate and Edwina Sharma. At 26, Kate is considered an old maid, faith has simply gone out the window in finding her a suitor. Whereas, her younger sister Edwina is the hope of their family. She is beautiful, young and intelligent and is bound to swiftly find a respectable suitor. It was quickly revealed at the ball that Lady Mary was involved in a scandalous relationship with a common man who was already with a child, the child is Kate Sharma who blended a family with Lady Mary and Edwina. Lady Danbury schools Kate on the normal processes when being involved with an eligible bachelor. Kate becomes enamored with Anthony Bridgerton, the current most eligible bachelor and by looks of it Edwina is enamored as well. I enjoyed when Kate read Anthony his rights when it came to his despicable views of his requirements of finding a viscountess. Kate Sharma, Edwina and Mary all live with Lady Danbury. My favorite character hands down is Penelope. She is a great writer, well-informed, gracefully volumptous and mysterious by concealing the fact that she is a ghost writer . I love how much love and motherly concern Lady Bridgerton has for her son Anthony when it comes to his expectations. Secrets have been revealed about Kate Sharma by Lady Danbury that shocked me when it was discovered that the only reason she came to live with Lady Danbury was after her father passed, her and Lady Mary struggled to raise Edwina, funds ran low and Edwina’s grandparents the Sheffield’s, agreed to give Edwina a sizable dowry and take care of Lady Mary if she married into a proper family. Considering Kate is not biologically related to Lady Mary or Edwina she was not offered such charity. Kate taught Edwina to become the most desirable well-respected lady. Her sacrifices has shown how much she loves her step-sister. Lady Danbury helps Kate’s endeavors by persuading the Queen that Edwina is quite the catch and a force to be reckoned with. The Queen compliments on how mature Eloise Bridgerton has become, which gives her an extra “pep in her step.” The surprise announcement from the Queen that she chose Edwina Sharma to basically be the dime piece of that time is quite extraordinary. This honor helped Anthony rush in and ask Edwina for a dance. Edwina and Anthony quickly connect and share a bond that stemmed from the loss of both of their fathers. However, I feel that there will be another forbidden love scandal in the air between Kate and Anthony. Thanks to Lady Whistledown’s enlightening gossip piece the Queen had an epiphany that Edwina Sharma is her diamond in the rough and the main- focus for all of the tea this season. Tune in for this Friday for another review for episode 2. It’s getting hot and juicy!

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