Bridgerton Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Off To The Races

I must confess, I absolutely adore the aesthetics of Bridgerton, the attire is so eloquent and mesmerizing. In this episode, it has been confirmed that Edwina Sharma is the Diamond every respectable suitor has been looking for, especially Anthony Bridgerton. Kate Sharma purposely left Anthony off of the list to be invited to the “meet and greet” that Lady Dansbury is hosting on behalf of Edwina because he left a bad (maybe secretly pleasant) taste in her mouth that helped her determine his is not the right suitor for her Diamond sister, Edwina. Lady Dansbury schools Kate once again, that marriage is simply a business not for absolute pleasure. Kate is responsible for screening the young suitors at the mansion as Anthony Bridgerton casually walks in and cuts the line almost begging to take young Edwina to the horse races later in the afternoon. Kate immediately rejects his offer and any offer he requests because of her distaste in him. I feel like Kate is opposed to the idea of Anthony because she secretly wants him, but we soon shall see 👀. Kate reveals to Anthony what she heard at the ball about his expectations in a viscountess and shuts him out with a hard no to her beloved sister, Edwina. Collin Bridgerton returns home as Penelope is visiting Eloise and she is more than elated that he is in her presence. Boys and girls, the eye contact between Penelope and Collin was so steamy and enjoyable, love is definitely blossoming between the two. Kate already has an interested suitor Mr. Dorset. I definitely see the conflicting feelings that Kate has as her eyes wonder to Anthony Bridgerton in admiration. Edwina was being escorted by Lumley when Anthony confidently squeezes in between Edwina and Kate as Lumley is directed to fetch the lemonade. Penelope and Collin! I can’t get enough and I love that she is giddy and excited again maybe Lady Whistledown will have less tea to spill now that Collin has returned. Kate is jealous that Edwina and Anthony are getting cozy and she advises her forbidden love interest, to search for Lumley. As Kate and Anthony stand together cheering the horses on it seems like they are more of a better match than Kate’s sister. Kate feels empowered that her horse won and gloats in front of Anthony. Immediately Anthony jabs back and takes Edwina to see his horse, brushing Lumley to the side. Lumley, in my opinion is a bit of a pushover and easily accepts his loss when he should be fighting for her hand but his respect for Anthony holds him back, shamelessly. Dorset reveals a secret that makes Kate heated. He revealed that he attended school with Anthony at Oxford and was told not to say a word about it for fear of her interfering with the potential romance between Edwina and his friend. Kate demands that Edwina leaves with her and warns Anthony to never speak to them again. Kate should just accept her secret feelings for him instead of being stoic and closed off to the idea of love but let’s proceed. Anthony gives Edwina a glimpse of hope as he assures her his plan was to only spend time with her. Eloise becomes too curious for her own good and she tries to know more about Lady Whistledown and her whereabouts and she secretly visits the place where the queen of tea prints her writings. Eloise is not given a clue and Lady Whistledown’s posse refuse to reveal who she really is. Lady Featherington attempted to force her presence unto the new man of the house when he declines her limited power and reveals to find a new lady to reside and run the house, she became defeated. Ooo! She was cut down to size and it kind of brought joy to my heart, in an unusual way. The Queen has the opportunity to speak with Edwina and strategically implies to tell her who she is considering to be the suitor to give her blessings and advice. Anthony’s brothers read him and his true intentions towards Edwina and are not convinced he is after her for love. Kate is still callous towards Anthony about his intentions and reads him his rights, as well, when it comes to her sister’s desires as he presents a horse as a gift misreading what Edwina truly adores. Lady Bridgerton reprimands Anthony’s recent behavior which leaves his siblings pleasantly shocked. Penelope and Edwina begin a pleasant and meaningful conversation, but quickly leaves to attend Collin’s side. Collin surprisingly thanks Penelope for helping him find himself through her letters of encouragement, however, she is immediately disappointed that he tells her that he considers her a dear friend (whomp). Benedict has been urged by Anthony to have a quick discussion on the purpose of poetry in hopes to enlighten Edwina. Anthony crashes Lady Dansbury’s party to read Edwina some meaningful poetry but suddenly discards it in the fire and says his own words of sincerity. Edwina feverishly swoons over him and rushes towards him. Kate advises against it but she follows her heart and ignores her sister’s wishes. Girls and boys, did you see that eye contact between Kate and Anthony, wowzer 🤩. It brought shivers down my spine, for sure! Kate makes a dramatic exit by bumping into a butler for everyone to see. Lady Dansbury is back at again reading Kate’s rights about being alone and not finding a respectable suitor herself. Lady Bridgerton catches Anthony slipping as he was hopelessly staring at Kate instead of the miss Edwina. Lady Dansbury peeped it too and gave Lady Bridgerton the nod that something is definitely happening between them. Penelope is discovered by a familiar face as she is doing business in the slums. The Queen might be on to something as she shuffles respectable young ladies only to stop upon Penelope’s profile. Ugh! 😩 This is getting so juicy, I am anticipating the next episode. Stay-tuned for next Friday’s Bridgerton Review for Season 2 Episode 3, I have a feeling it’s going to be hot, hot, hot!

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