Bridgerton Review: Episodes 5 and 6

I wanted to do a quick review on episodes 5 and 6 to wrap up these reviews quicker and to do the last two episodes for tomorrow. I want to call out myself when I wrote Lady “Dansbury” in my last couple of reviews, shamelessly. For some odd reason I heard Lady Dansbury but allow me to correct myself and do her character some justice Lady Danbury will be written in these reviews from now on. Now that I read myself lets continue with episode 5 and 6 review.

Anthony still thought it was his duty to marry Edwina Sharma despite the fact that there was no love there only mutual respect. Enamored by the idea of love, Edwina blushes with gratitude and accepts Anthony’s hand in marriage being painfully naive that he is completely in love with her sister, Kate. I still couldn’t believe that she didn’t see the signs or the red flags but she is young and sometimes in your youth you are bound to naïveté. Determined to not have her family in poverty, Kate stubbornly refuses to admit her mutual feelings for Anthony to protect her sister from more family shame. Meanwhile, Lady Featherington is in a similar boat when it was revealed that the family is broke and takes a liking to the Lord Featherington’s idea to sell fake jewelry. Honestly, I like her determination to defend her family’s name and protect her daughter’s against poverty. The Queen offers to host the wedding at the castle to see the wedding through and to be looked upon as the ultimate matchmaker, clearing her name from Lady Whistledown’s gossip.

However rushed it might have been, the wedding between Anthony and Edwina commenced. Edwina looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress and radiant as ever. As they were both about to say their wedding vows, Kate’s bracelet drops on Edwina’s dress, not being fully present, Anthony comes to her rescue and picks the bracelet up giving it to Kate and making insane eye-contact. Finally, it dawned on Edwina that he has been in love with her this whole time and runs away heading to the bridal chambers. Kate runs after her as well as Lady Mary. Edwina confronts Kate on how long they have been in love with each other and after the answer was given, Kate still persists that she marry Anthony in hopes to save her family from poverty. Edwina states that she needed time to think and whatever decision she makes it will be her own because she wants to make it confidently throwing shade at Kate. When Edwina is finally ready to give the Queen her answer in regards to marrying Anthony, the mentally-ill and confused King abruptly walks in stating that he is ready to marry the Queen. Edwina real showed how classy and mature she was when she agreed that he will marry the Queen but he should rest before the wedding. The Queen was pleased by her actions. She revealed that she will not marry to Kate and Anthony first because she didn’t think it was right, which gave Kate and Anthony the opportunity again to make intense eye-contact and dare I say an almost kiss. The gossip stirs around thinking that this was a shamble to begin with but the Queen redeems herself when she said that she made the decision that they weren’t a suitable fit for each other silencing everyone at the ceremony immediately. In the midst of all of the fuss Lady Featherington convinced Prudence to wear the fake ruby necklace that would entice the wedding guests to invest into Lord Featherington’s business. Knowing that Lady Featherington is take-charge fierce woman, Lord Featherington is oddly turned on by her ways and shared a passionate kiss. Eloise runs off to find her romantic interest in the slums and Penelope convinces her that it isn’t the best of ideas but Eloise goes against her better judgement and goes anyway and a servant overhears what she is about to do and reports the scandal to the Queen. Now the Queen thinks she is Lady Whistledown and the wheels deviously turn in the Queen’s head. Later the Queen bribes Eloise to reveal who she really is or she will shame her family forever. Wanting to save her dearest friend from eternal shame and not reveal her identity, Penelope considers writing horrid things about Eloise to steer the Queen away from the idea that her best friend was Lady Whistledown. Now the Sharmas and the Bridgerton’s are suffering societal shame simultaneously. This is just another season of endlessly hot tea.

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