Bridgerton Review: Episode 7 & 8

The time has finally come to end Bridgerton reviews for this season as I will be reviewing the last two episodes, 7 and 8. However, onward to other reviews,poems and random topics. Farewell, Bridgerton, until next season!

This season just gets juicier as each minute passes the irresistible romance and chemistry is undeniable and makes you want more and more of what is yet to come in this heart-throbbing passionate story. Continuing to be shamed by society, Lady Bridgerton decided to have a ball which turned out quite unsuccessful as no one showed except the Sharmas and Lady Danbury. Edwina still holds resentment towards her sister, Kate and refuses to deny that there are mutual feelings between Anthony and her sister. The sexual tension is fiery and tense and finally the twin flames share quite a sexy, passionate kiss that was anticipated all season long. Kate is set on returning to India and expresses her intentions to Anthony. As Kate goes for a horse ride, Lord Bridgerton spots her and tries to meet with her as Kate ignores him to run away from her feelings, she falls and hits her head, leaving her with a bad head injury. Anthony rescues her and takes her to Lady Danbury in hopes that she recuperates and comes out of the coma. No longer angry at Kate, Edwina refuses to leave her side in hopes that she soon awakens from her deep slumber.

Anthony is a wreck that Kate has not awaken from her coma and refuses to see her to shield from the pain that he is already suffering. Finally, Kate awakens and the news has swiftly made its way to Anthony. He quickly goes to see her and brings flowers to the love of his life as well as a commitment Kate refuses his hand because she doesn’t feel worthy enough. Lady Featherington felt confident enough that she was finally accepted by society to throw an exquisite ball, including extending invitations to the Bridgertons and the Sharmas. During the ball, Eloise realizes that Penelope might be Lady Whistledown as she is always in tune with the latest gossip. Eloise later goes through Penelope’s room and finds a lot of money and confronts Penelope on what she knows and vows to never be her friends with her again. Colin secretly researches what Lord Featherington was doing and threatens to put him away if he doesn’t leave town immediately in front of Penelope and Lady Featherington. Lord Featherington tries to convince Lady Featherington that they all should leave town that night after their ball, but boss Lady Featherington tells him what is going to happen. She said that everyone will think that he is the deceiver, her and her daughters knew nothing about what was happening and that she will take the majority of the money that was already stacked from the fraudulent activity and Lord Featherington will take the rest back to The Americas and to never return. Lady Featherington never ceases to surprise me with her slyness. Kate and Anthony finally are a couple and plan to wed which is surprisingly blessed by the Queen, and shares news with Edwina that her nephew is a prince and he is available and plans to set up an arranged marriage which Edwina is very pleased about. Of course in the end Kate and Anthony are finally one with a lot of heated passion in the sheets. Both the viscount and the viscountess are glowing with happiness. The ending of season 2 just made my soul happy, once a forbidden love between them turned into something meaningful, fruitful and prosperous and I was there for all of it and enjoyed every second. I can’t wait for Season 3, until next time….

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