Don’t Make Decisions From a Low Vibrational Mindset

I have noticed that if someone is in a low vibrational state they tend to make rash decisions that are damaging long-term. If you have to make an important decision, I suggest to raise your vibrations to allow yourself to make the most beneficial decision for your life’s journey. Don’t act out of impulse or anger that is definitely low vibrational and you might have regrets if you do. Here are some ways to raise your vibrations to make the best decisions for your life: meditation and breath work, this is an important one, taking the time to meditate and reflect on which path to choose is crucial, the more you meditate the more you find clarity on decision-making, breath work is just an added tool to use with meditation, breathing in and out will release any harboring feelings you might have, to clear your mind from distractions to better focus on the decision you must make. Forgiveness. Forgive yourself and others if there is any resentment to ascend to a higher vibrational state this aids in releasing any negative energy. Finally, gratitude. Be grateful for something is the fastest way to heighten your vibrations. You are alive, you have the capability to actually make decisions, those are some things to be grateful for. Next time you have to make a decision, make sure you are operating from a high vibrational mindset to ascend even higher to the next level of your journey. ✌🏾 💗 💡

Published by The Restless Boss Mom

Hi! My name is Naomi.I best describe myself as quirky and awkward with a good sense of humor sprinkled in. I am a self-proclaimed freelance writer. When I am not writing, I am reading, observing, learning and being a boss mom to two amazing little girls. Self-care is my motto and I enjoy discussing it on a regular basis. Follow me for mom moments, self-care tips and tricks or just to take a brief break from reality.

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