A Few Of My Favorite Cold Weather Products 2022

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone had an awesome day. In Kentucky, it snowed for a good portion of the day. I spent it with my girls cuddled up in the bed. For tonight, I wanted to post some of my favorite self-care products for the colder weather. I haven’t done this in awhile and my list has been updated since my last favorite product list. So here are a few of my favorite products.

Pacifica Glow Baby Brightening Face Wash

I absolutely love Pacifica products, it’s 100% vegan and it feels completely natural. After using this product to wash my face, it’s visibly brighter and makes my face feel soft. I purchased the 1.4 fl.oz for about $5 but I believe the bigger size is $15. Whichever one you get, it’s definitely worth the money.

CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion

After washing my face, it almost immediately becomes dry. Especially for the colder weather, I needed a moisturizer that helps my face become more hydrated and supple, this product definitely does the trick. I usually purchase the 3 fl. oz bottle for $5 because it typically lasts me about a month or so. This is a must have if you battle with dry skin.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Healing Jelly

This is a lifesaver for my lips. I despise having dry lips and always strive to keep my lips moisturized. This lasts for hours! I purchased the 7.5 oz jar and I have had it for over 4 months now and still have plenty left. I love the scent and how it immediately protects my lips from being dry. I believe this cost me around $6. It was definitely worth the money, especially since I am far from it running out.

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Body Oil

This is my all-time favorite product for the colder months. I use this on my body after I take a shower and let me tell you my skin is soft, smooth and moisturized for at least 24 hours. This is a must have and it smells so divine. I purchased the 6.8 fl.oz for about $7 and I will keep on purchasing it because it takes care of my skin, no complaints whatsoever.

These items are some of my favorites for the colder months. I hope this gave you some ideas on what to incorporate in your daily routine. Happy self-care!

Vulnerability Is Powerful

Good Evening loves! I hope that everyone has had a relaxing Saturday. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday by eating fulfilling food, drinking plenty of water and resting at home. As I was reflecting today I realized a few things about my healing journey and thought I might share my thoughts in this blog post.

As I continue my healing journey I always discover ways to make progress that I would have never thought of before if I stayed in toxic situations. Vulnerability has been quite the themed issue throughout my life due to fear of being hurt, rejected and ultimately devastated. During my previous relationship I was never given the safe space to be vulnerable and share my feelings. If I gave a slight glimpse of vulnerability, I would immediately have been scorned and belittled which caused me to shut down and be afraid to express myself fully. The toxicity within that situation practically forced me to repress my feelings and emotions to the point that I became cold and numb to any love shown to me. Even prior to that relationship, I was never given the space to express my feelings without it being dismissed or being called “too emotional.” Throughout my life, even during childhood, I trauma responded to not being open by building walls and silencing my voice and feelings which later in life I discovered it was parental conditioning to allow others to always feel comfortable with their feelings while disregarding my own and that led to excessively pleasing others. As we all know that never goes well and it can be detrimental to your emotional and mental health. I truly suffered through this almost my entire life, until I woke up. When I left behind toxic situations and fervently went on my healing journey I began to realize I shouldn’t be afraid to be vulnerable and reveal the soft, emotional side of myself that was hidden after all of these years. I knew before I could even be vulnerable with others that I had to first be vulnerable with myself and tend to the wounds that forced me to reject emotional vulnerability initially. As I was sifting through my feelings, writing down my traumas and meditating, I noticed a change within me, I was beginning to heal that wound of not being vulnerable at all to being more open to my emotions and finding what I truly feel and to accept that my feelings are valid. As I was healing that part of me, I was able to express my feelings and be a whole lot more vulnerable to close friends. I felt like I unlocked a whole new level of healing. As I became more vulnerable with myself and close friends, I was able to be more vulnerable publicly. Vulnerability is powerful because it helped me heal and become more emotionally mature. Now, I freely give myself the space to be more vulnerable and to express myself completely without the limited restrictions of others. Being more vulnerable begins with you being real with yourself and digging deep to how you truly feel. Vulnerability is ignition to healing.

Dare To Self-Care

Happy Saturday! I wanted to post on self-care and why it’s so important to incorporate it every single day. Today for self-care I literally slept almost all day something I haven’t done in such a long time. Something my body desperately needed. I wanted to share a few things that I do for self-care on a daily basis. Here are 5 things that I do for self-care.

1. Drink plenty of water. No seriously, it not only keeps you hydrated but it helps with your immune system. Personally I feel more refreshed and don’t experience as many headaches.

2. Exercise. I only exercise about 3 times a week but honestly I feel like I do it more running around with kids. Exercise is not only important for your general health but when you do you will feel more confident with yourself because you will look and feel better.

3. Speak daily affirmations. Speaking affirmations can activate your manifestations the more you speak your desires into reality the faster it will come.

4. Binge-watch that favorite show. Yes, I do believe watching your favorite show is a great form of self-care. Not only will it make you happy but it will help you relax and sometimes that is exactly what the body needs.

5. Drink tea. I thoroughly enjoy drinking Sleepy time tea before bed. It helps relax my body to get ready for bed.

Honestly whatever you consider self-care and helps you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, do it, no matter what it looks like. Dare to self-care and enjoy taking care of your mind, soul and body because if you don’t do it, no one else will.

Check The Energy, Proceed With Caution

Evening everyone! I am a tad bit late in posting a blog. I wanted to post yesterday, but I had a photo shoot to attend and afterwards spent time with family. When I came home I was exhausted and didn’t even feel like moving. Already have another blog planned so expect that towards the end of this week.

Sustaining positive, high vibrational energy is so important for your well-being, it’s near critical for that to be constant in your life. I try to maintain high vibrational energy as much as possible. Even though I can’t control how others react, I know for sure that I can control my energy and who or what I have around it for extended periods of time. I am naturally a loner and usually move solo and that has brought me so much peace that I hardly miss being around a lot of people. I have a few friends that I love being at peace with but for the most part I remain to myself, unbothered, like I prefer. Some of the ways I keep peace and live in high vibrational energy is that I examine who is around me. If I feel someone harbors low vibrational energy I tend to not stay long , go somewhere else or just leave that environment entirely. If I can’t help being around them, I typically withdraw or I am quiet to protect my peace and energy. If someone within my environment was an energy vampire, when I go home, I cleanse myself, literally. I take a hot spiritual bath, sage myself and listen to meditation sounds and music. If their energy was really draining and completely exhausted me, I meditate and say cleansing affirmations to bring my energy back to normal. Never allow someone the opportunity to drain your energy, even if it’s unintentional, because in the end, you will be the one drained and lacking internal peace. I encourage you to check the energy within your surroundings and act accordingly. It’s not only apart of self-care but it’s for your peace of mind.

Get Inspired

When I woke up this morning, I asked myself what truly makes me inspired? As I was in deep thought I realized the simple things inspire me. Such as being in nature, taking walks in the park and just being still. As mentioned earlier this week, I visited a local art museum to draw some creative inspiration to produce and write more. It definitely helped me become inspired. I had so much fun and felt completely relaxed when I was there that when I went to write a poem, it just flowed there was no hesitation or blocks. Sometimes we need to dig deep and discover what inspires us to fulfill our purpose, help our dreams come to fruition, and that can be as simple as taking a walk, riding your bike or visiting a museum. Finding inspiration doesn’t necessarily have to be theatrical, it can definitely be as mundane as cleaning your room to clear out clutter and create space for creativity. Find what inspires you and go after it in full force, it will make such a difference. I want to encourage you to do some deep reflection. How do you get inspired?


Good Evening! I didn’t post last week because I am actually currently working on some projects that I am excited to share with you all so stay tuned for that! This weekend, I focused on drawing some creative inspiration from an amazing local art museum that I visited. Some ideas are flowing and can’t wait to share those. Weekly blogs will resume as normal starting this week.

Embrace The Transition

When you begin your healing journey you might feel the urge to rush the process and become impatient with being uncomfortable or you might feel like there is no progress with healing traumas or past hurts. I just want to encourage you that healing takes time and patience and you don’t have to heal immediately. Embrace this transition period and be proud of how far you come little progress is still progress and will lead you in the right direction. You are winning by taking the steps to heal, that is a major feat all in itself. Many people spend the rest of their lives avoiding the healing process and end up stagnant, discontent and hopeless. Give yourself some grace today and be content with where you are in your own personal healing process.

Be Defensive About Your Peace

Chaos is overrated, being in constant turmoil is not how we are suppose to live. If a situation doesn’t offer you peace, let it go. If you follow tarot, the 7 of wands is all about being defensive and protecting your peace and well-being. Don’t allow what doesn’t serve you to keep you up at night, it’s not worth it. If you are around toxic people, you are not obligated to stay, disengage and go where you find peace. If a job is stressing you out to the point of depression, find employment that will bring you peace. Without peace, there will always be dissatisfaction and yearning for something more stable and bearable. We are meant to enjoy life not drudge through it and be discontent. Practice defending your peace, taking care of you and what best serves you and walk away from situations that no longer serve you. If your cup is empty you will not be able to pour into others or any other situation. Be guided by the 8 of cups and leave when it’s not giving to you and filling your cup completely up. Be defensive and protect you, because if you don’t then who really will?

Take Your Power Back, With Confidence

Did you know that in the song 7 Rings by Ariana Grande when she said “I want it, I got it” that is actually how you manifest? Speaking what you desire into the physical realm has power, your words have power. Speaking negatively and being pessimistic can actually alter situations to unravel, well, negatively. However, if you speak optimistically your life will eventually become better. When you speak better your life will become better, it’s that simple. If you want that dream job, speak it into existence with confidence. You are powerful and your are the master of your own life, you decide how it plays out. If someone around you speaks with negative intention, disregard, take charge, and speak positive words into existence. Don’t let others phase you and hinder you from your manifestations, just because they are low vibrational doesn’t mean you have to be. Your manifestations will come but you have to block out the negative and stand firm on what you want to happen in your life, and at the right time, it will come to pass. I encourage you to speak life into your existence, and take your power back with confidence, you are the captain of your life start steering yourself on the right path that you desire!

Becoming The Divine Feminine

I have returned! After months of stagnancy, stress and writer’s block, I am finally at peace with my current situation and felt inspired to write. I would like to post a blog once a week until I gain momentum to write more. My passion is writing and I will not neglect or abandon it anymore. Here are my thoughts and experiences of what is a divine feminine and how I am slowly transforming to be one…

The first thing that may appear in your mind when divine feminine is mentioned is maybe Greek mythology of a voluptuous woman being glorified and adored by her masculine counterpart. Being a divine feminine is so much more deeper than that. It goes beyond the exterior or superficiality of societal beauty standards, it first starts within and exudes its way out. It’s an energy that exists within all of us regardless of gender considering that each individual has masculine and feminine energy that we learn to balance and embrace. The core meaning of being a divine feminine is to embrace our softness in this harsh society with grace, class as well as mercy but also standing our ground with self-love, respect and personal boundaries. When I think of the feminine, I envision intuition, nurture and birth. Embracing the divine feminine is also that, nurturing using intuition to lead and guide you through life and giving birth.

Not just birthing individuals into this world but birthing ideas that have potential to come to fruition and executing them effortlessly. The divine feminine is connected to nature, transformation and transition. In my personal experience, I didn’t start discovering my divine femininity until I ended my relationship with someone toxic, abusive and demeaning. While I was in the relationship with him I felt I had no purpose, I was worthless and only existed because I was a mother. I operated more in my masculine energy because I had to take care of my girls because he lacked the sense of urgency to take the lead. It caused me to be imbalanced and question who I really was. After making the decision to leave and never look back, I slowly started to step into my divine feminine energy. I was discovering my self-worth. I incorporated more self-care in my daily routine, and began to love myself unconditionally without hesitation. Difficult as it was, I walked away from people and places that no longer served me. I set firm boundaries with not only my past relationship but with some toxic family members. I was rediscovering my purpose and was starting to regain confidence. I no longer needed validation from outside parties to verify if I was making the right decision because I tapped into my divine feminine by using my intuition. I was healing and making moves that I felt were right for my life’s journey. I became more confident and was able to find more peace within myself which is causing my life to align with my purpose. Becoming the divine feminine is about embracing your softness but standing firm on your beliefs and what makes sense for your life and what brings you full and satiating peace. Step into your divine femininity and stand firm in its power.