Embrace The Transition

When you begin your healing journey you might feel the urge to rush the process and become impatient with being uncomfortable or you might feel like there is no progress with healing traumas or past hurts. I just want to encourage you that healing takes time and patience and you don’t have to heal immediately. Embrace this transition period and be proud of how far you come little progress is still progress and will lead you in the right direction. You are winning by taking the steps to heal, that is a major feat all in itself. Many people spend the rest of their lives avoiding the healing process and end up stagnant, discontent and hopeless. Give yourself some grace today and be content with where you are in your own personal healing process.

Be Defensive About Your Peace

Chaos is overrated, being in constant turmoil is not how we are suppose to live. If a situation doesn’t offer you peace, let it go. If you follow tarot, the 7 of wands is all about being defensive and protecting your peace and well-being. Don’t allow what doesn’t serve you to keep you up at night, it’s not worth it. If you are around toxic people, you are not obligated to stay, disengage and go where you find peace. If a job is stressing you out to the point of depression, find employment that will bring you peace. Without peace, there will always be dissatisfaction and yearning for something more stable and bearable. We are meant to enjoy life not drudge through it and be discontent. Practice defending your peace, taking care of you and what best serves you and walk away from situations that no longer serve you. If your cup is empty you will not be able to pour into others or any other situation. Be guided by the 8 of cups and leave when it’s not giving to you and filling your cup completely up. Be defensive and protect you, because if you don’t then who really will?

Take Your Power Back, With Confidence

Did you know that in the song 7 Rings by Ariana Grande when she said “I want it, I got it” that is actually how you manifest? Speaking what you desire into the physical realm has power, your words have power. Speaking negatively and being pessimistic can actually alter situations to unravel, well, negatively. However, if you speak optimistically your life will eventually become better. When you speak better your life will become better, it’s that simple. If you want that dream job, speak it into existence with confidence. You are powerful and your are the master of your own life, you decide how it plays out. If someone around you speaks with negative intention, disregard, take charge, and speak positive words into existence. Don’t let others phase you and hinder you from your manifestations, just because they are low vibrational doesn’t mean you have to be. Your manifestations will come but you have to block out the negative and stand firm on what you want to happen in your life, and at the right time, it will come to pass. I encourage you to speak life into your existence, and take your power back with confidence, you are the captain of your life start steering yourself on the right path that you desire!

Becoming The Divine Feminine

I have returned! After months of stagnancy, stress and writer’s block, I am finally at peace with my current situation and felt inspired to write. I would like to post a blog once a week until I gain momentum to write more. My passion is writing and I will not neglect or abandon it anymore. Here are my thoughts and experiences of what is a divine feminine and how I am slowly transforming to be one…

The first thing that may appear in your mind when divine feminine is mentioned is maybe Greek mythology of a voluptuous woman being glorified and adored by her masculine counterpart. Being a divine feminine is so much more deeper than that. It goes beyond the exterior or superficiality of societal beauty standards, it first starts within and exudes its way out. It’s an energy that exists within all of us regardless of gender considering that each individual has masculine and feminine energy that we learn to balance and embrace. The core meaning of being a divine feminine is to embrace our softness in this harsh society with grace, class as well as mercy but also standing our ground with self-love, respect and personal boundaries. When I think of the feminine, I envision intuition, nurture and birth. Embracing the divine feminine is also that, nurturing using intuition to lead and guide you through life and giving birth.

Not just birthing individuals into this world but birthing ideas that have potential to come to fruition and executing them effortlessly. The divine feminine is connected to nature, transformation and transition. In my personal experience, I didn’t start discovering my divine femininity until I ended my relationship with someone toxic, abusive and demeaning. While I was in the relationship with him I felt I had no purpose, I was worthless and only existed because I was a mother. I operated more in my masculine energy because I had to take care of my girls because he lacked the sense of urgency to take the lead. It caused me to be imbalanced and question who I really was. After making the decision to leave and never look back, I slowly started to step into my divine feminine energy. I was discovering my self-worth. I incorporated more self-care in my daily routine, and began to love myself unconditionally without hesitation. Difficult as it was, I walked away from people and places that no longer served me. I set firm boundaries with not only my past relationship but with some toxic family members. I was rediscovering my purpose and was starting to regain confidence. I no longer needed validation from outside parties to verify if I was making the right decision because I tapped into my divine feminine by using my intuition. I was healing and making moves that I felt were right for my life’s journey. I became more confident and was able to find more peace within myself which is causing my life to align with my purpose. Becoming the divine feminine is about embracing your softness but standing firm on your beliefs and what makes sense for your life and what brings you full and satiating peace. Step into your divine femininity and stand firm in its power.

A Word Of Encouragement Can Change a Life

Words have power whether positively or negatively, words can affect a person’s perspective. We all have personal issues that we have to face daily that some may not know about or that we face quietly. Speaking an encouraging word can definitely be life-changing to an individual who is going through it. You never know what people hide behind a smile so always be a light that exudes grace and kindness. Personally, I am a private person who doesn’t really like to speak on what I am struggling with, but I have learned to be more open about what I have been going through. Sometimes talking about your problems with a trustworthy person is the release that you need to feel better and to let go of any negative energy that you have been harboring. Recently, I was dealing with some personal issues and I finally exposed them to a friend and she gave me so much encouragement it pleasantly overwhelmed me and suddenly brightened my mood and changed my attitude to think with a different perspective. With a different positive perspective opens the ability to receive manifestations easier, and that is what it did for me. I no longer doubted myself after that talk, with my friend’s words of encouragement I was able to gain enough strength and confidence to overcome my issues and rise above to a better situation. I encourage you, even if you are going through it yourself, to say an encouraging word to at least one person a day because you never know what that encouraging word could do to positively change a life.

Haters Trying To Serve You Lemons? Transform Those Lemons Into Lemonade

I felt compelled to say this because someone may need to hear this. If someone is constantly trying to put you in a bad place or make you feel bad for the decisions you know in your heart are right just know those are haters and they aren’t your people. Whether it’s toxic family members, coworkers or even friends posing to be for you, read the room and follow your intuition to guide you to who you need to eliminate from your life. This task may be hard but it’s not impossible. Your mental health matters and if being around these haters causes you mental distress, you are not obligated to continue to grace them with your presence. As evil and as cruel as people may be you don’t have to partake in their low vibrational energy, disengage and live your life how you feel is right. I believe in you, but first you have to believe and choose yourself and walk away from what no longer serves you. You are good enough and your value doesn’t depend on how others view you as long as you view yourself as as having a lot of worth, then that is sufficient. So when certain people try to constantly throw lemons at you, make lemonade and drink it in their face, don’t allow them to have power over you when you are the ruler of your life. You got this, loves!

Don’t Make Decisions From a Low Vibrational Mindset

I have noticed that if someone is in a low vibrational state they tend to make rash decisions that are damaging long-term. If you have to make an important decision, I suggest to raise your vibrations to allow yourself to make the most beneficial decision for your life’s journey. Don’t act out of impulse or anger that is definitely low vibrational and you might have regrets if you do. Here are some ways to raise your vibrations to make the best decisions for your life: meditation and breath work, this is an important one, taking the time to meditate and reflect on which path to choose is crucial, the more you meditate the more you find clarity on decision-making, breath work is just an added tool to use with meditation, breathing in and out will release any harboring feelings you might have, to clear your mind from distractions to better focus on the decision you must make. Forgiveness. Forgive yourself and others if there is any resentment to ascend to a higher vibrational state this aids in releasing any negative energy. Finally, gratitude. Be grateful for something is the fastest way to heighten your vibrations. You are alive, you have the capability to actually make decisions, those are some things to be grateful for. Next time you have to make a decision, make sure you are operating from a high vibrational mindset to ascend even higher to the next level of your journey. ✌🏾 💗 💡

Bridgerton Review: Episode 7 & 8

The time has finally come to end Bridgerton reviews for this season as I will be reviewing the last two episodes, 7 and 8. However, onward to other reviews,poems and random topics. Farewell, Bridgerton, until next season!

This season just gets juicier as each minute passes the irresistible romance and chemistry is undeniable and makes you want more and more of what is yet to come in this heart-throbbing passionate story. Continuing to be shamed by society, Lady Bridgerton decided to have a ball which turned out quite unsuccessful as no one showed except the Sharmas and Lady Danbury. Edwina still holds resentment towards her sister, Kate and refuses to deny that there are mutual feelings between Anthony and her sister. The sexual tension is fiery and tense and finally the twin flames share quite a sexy, passionate kiss that was anticipated all season long. Kate is set on returning to India and expresses her intentions to Anthony. As Kate goes for a horse ride, Lord Bridgerton spots her and tries to meet with her as Kate ignores him to run away from her feelings, she falls and hits her head, leaving her with a bad head injury. Anthony rescues her and takes her to Lady Danbury in hopes that she recuperates and comes out of the coma. No longer angry at Kate, Edwina refuses to leave her side in hopes that she soon awakens from her deep slumber.

Anthony is a wreck that Kate has not awaken from her coma and refuses to see her to shield from the pain that he is already suffering. Finally, Kate awakens and the news has swiftly made its way to Anthony. He quickly goes to see her and brings flowers to the love of his life as well as a commitment Kate refuses his hand because she doesn’t feel worthy enough. Lady Featherington felt confident enough that she was finally accepted by society to throw an exquisite ball, including extending invitations to the Bridgertons and the Sharmas. During the ball, Eloise realizes that Penelope might be Lady Whistledown as she is always in tune with the latest gossip. Eloise later goes through Penelope’s room and finds a lot of money and confronts Penelope on what she knows and vows to never be her friends with her again. Colin secretly researches what Lord Featherington was doing and threatens to put him away if he doesn’t leave town immediately in front of Penelope and Lady Featherington. Lord Featherington tries to convince Lady Featherington that they all should leave town that night after their ball, but boss Lady Featherington tells him what is going to happen. She said that everyone will think that he is the deceiver, her and her daughters knew nothing about what was happening and that she will take the majority of the money that was already stacked from the fraudulent activity and Lord Featherington will take the rest back to The Americas and to never return. Lady Featherington never ceases to surprise me with her slyness. Kate and Anthony finally are a couple and plan to wed which is surprisingly blessed by the Queen, and shares news with Edwina that her nephew is a prince and he is available and plans to set up an arranged marriage which Edwina is very pleased about. Of course in the end Kate and Anthony are finally one with a lot of heated passion in the sheets. Both the viscount and the viscountess are glowing with happiness. The ending of season 2 just made my soul happy, once a forbidden love between them turned into something meaningful, fruitful and prosperous and I was there for all of it and enjoyed every second. I can’t wait for Season 3, until next time….

Bridgerton Review: Episodes 5 and 6

I wanted to do a quick review on episodes 5 and 6 to wrap up these reviews quicker and to do the last two episodes for tomorrow. I want to call out myself when I wrote Lady “Dansbury” in my last couple of reviews, shamelessly. For some odd reason I heard Lady Dansbury but allow me to correct myself and do her character some justice Lady Danbury will be written in these reviews from now on. Now that I read myself lets continue with episode 5 and 6 review.

Anthony still thought it was his duty to marry Edwina Sharma despite the fact that there was no love there only mutual respect. Enamored by the idea of love, Edwina blushes with gratitude and accepts Anthony’s hand in marriage being painfully naive that he is completely in love with her sister, Kate. I still couldn’t believe that she didn’t see the signs or the red flags but she is young and sometimes in your youth you are bound to naïveté. Determined to not have her family in poverty, Kate stubbornly refuses to admit her mutual feelings for Anthony to protect her sister from more family shame. Meanwhile, Lady Featherington is in a similar boat when it was revealed that the family is broke and takes a liking to the Lord Featherington’s idea to sell fake jewelry. Honestly, I like her determination to defend her family’s name and protect her daughter’s against poverty. The Queen offers to host the wedding at the castle to see the wedding through and to be looked upon as the ultimate matchmaker, clearing her name from Lady Whistledown’s gossip.

However rushed it might have been, the wedding between Anthony and Edwina commenced. Edwina looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress and radiant as ever. As they were both about to say their wedding vows, Kate’s bracelet drops on Edwina’s dress, not being fully present, Anthony comes to her rescue and picks the bracelet up giving it to Kate and making insane eye-contact. Finally, it dawned on Edwina that he has been in love with her this whole time and runs away heading to the bridal chambers. Kate runs after her as well as Lady Mary. Edwina confronts Kate on how long they have been in love with each other and after the answer was given, Kate still persists that she marry Anthony in hopes to save her family from poverty. Edwina states that she needed time to think and whatever decision she makes it will be her own because she wants to make it confidently throwing shade at Kate. When Edwina is finally ready to give the Queen her answer in regards to marrying Anthony, the mentally-ill and confused King abruptly walks in stating that he is ready to marry the Queen. Edwina real showed how classy and mature she was when she agreed that he will marry the Queen but he should rest before the wedding. The Queen was pleased by her actions. She revealed that she will not marry to Kate and Anthony first because she didn’t think it was right, which gave Kate and Anthony the opportunity again to make intense eye-contact and dare I say an almost kiss. The gossip stirs around thinking that this was a shamble to begin with but the Queen redeems herself when she said that she made the decision that they weren’t a suitable fit for each other silencing everyone at the ceremony immediately. In the midst of all of the fuss Lady Featherington convinced Prudence to wear the fake ruby necklace that would entice the wedding guests to invest into Lord Featherington’s business. Knowing that Lady Featherington is take-charge fierce woman, Lord Featherington is oddly turned on by her ways and shared a passionate kiss. Eloise runs off to find her romantic interest in the slums and Penelope convinces her that it isn’t the best of ideas but Eloise goes against her better judgement and goes anyway and a servant overhears what she is about to do and reports the scandal to the Queen. Now the Queen thinks she is Lady Whistledown and the wheels deviously turn in the Queen’s head. Later the Queen bribes Eloise to reveal who she really is or she will shame her family forever. Wanting to save her dearest friend from eternal shame and not reveal her identity, Penelope considers writing horrid things about Eloise to steer the Queen away from the idea that her best friend was Lady Whistledown. Now the Sharmas and the Bridgerton’s are suffering societal shame simultaneously. This is just another season of endlessly hot tea.

Healing Childhood Wounds

I wanted to take a break from the Bridgerton reviews to discuss what I feel is an important topic, childhood wounds. I don’t believe this topic is trending but it needs to be. In one way or the other, we all have suffered childhood trauma and wounds. For some, it may be more severe than others. Unhealed childhood wounds can be detrimental to adulthood and cause unhealthy coping mechanisms or addictions that can not only hurt ourselves but others. For example, a childhood wound could be not receiving love from a mother figure. If dealing with a childhood wound in regards to lack of motherly love, that could heavily affect romantic and platonic relationships, because if you didn’t have that primary example of how to love from a mother or even a parent, how could you properly give love to others? Or, it could be you don’t feel worthy of being loved properly because your parent made you feel unworthy of it. If you have that type of childhood wound I just want to give you a big virtual hug because that must have been rough. You are worthy of healthy love and should enjoy giving that love in return without barriers or doubts. I want to send extra love to you if you had that experience. So many people had to experience that and to accept it as normal way of life. It has been proven that childhood mother wounds originated from a mother experiencing a similar deep wound from their mother and in return, has been passed down to her own children. Healing a childhood wound can be just as difficult as when you first experienced it but nonetheless is should be dealt with and healed so you can give and receive the love that you deserve. My main suggestion is seeking help from a mental health professional. A mental health professional can assist you in sorting your feelings and delving deep into your trauma to eventually heal those wounds. My next suggestion is to do some deep self- reflection and journaling your thoughts and feelings. Loving yourself wholeheartedly is another way to heal your childhood wounds as well as forgiving your mother for what was passed down to you. We are human, full of error and we all need forgiveness without conditions. Finally, develop self-awareness, really pay attention to your triggers and possible addictions and make short-term goals to remedy and change them. You can do this, I have faith in you. You are more than deserving to experience and receive healthy love by healing those childhood wounds. Peace, love and light while you go through your healing journey, I am proud of you for taking the first step!