Peanut, A Boss Mama’s Social Networking Companion

Boss Mamas,

Do you need some motherly social interaction, but are limited due to the pandemic? Look no further than the Peanut app. Peanut is a free and safe social network app that can be easily downloaded onto your phone. This app helps connect and guide women from fertility to motherhood. Peanut gives you the capability to chat, discover and meet women who are just like you. It is available and active in the US, UK, Australia and Europe. Peanut helps women who are expecting, trying to conceive or already mothers, build friendships and find support. This app introduces you to other women in your own community that are in a similar stage in life. Peanut helps mothers share their experiences, learn from one another as well as offer much needed advice. Personally, I discovered this app when I was feeling lonely in the last month of my pregnancy and was in need of some social interaction. I felt like I belonged because other women had experiences that were similar to mine. It was nice to meet new people in an environment that I felt comfortable in. Whether it’s understanding IVF, adoption, pregnancy, first years or nursery and beyond, Peanut is designed for women just like you. Boss mamas, what are you waiting for? Get connected with Peanut.

How To Maintain Your Sanity During The Pandemic

Let’s face it, constantly staying in the house, with kids can be draining. Don’t dismay, you don’t have to dread this pandemic, you can make the most out of it. Being productive with purpose is probably one of the best ways to combat against the pandemic blues. What I mean by being productive with purpose is creating a routine that can make your day fulfilling. A routine that consists of mental, intellectual, physical and emotional satisfaction. The following are some suggestions that you could include to enhance your daily routine. Find podcasts that are enjoyable and relatable. A podcast can be your portable best friend. I enjoy listening to podcasts that discuss current events as well as economical and cultural issues. FaceTime or video call your loved ones and friends. Even though it may not be physically possible to interact with the people that you usually connect with, FaceTime or video calling them can help alleviate depression and help build stronger bonds. Work it out! Exercise has been proven to improve cognitive function, reduce anxiety and depression, as well as boosting self-esteem. There are a variety of workout apps specifically for women, that are available on Google Play or in the Apple Store. Read a good book. Reading improves memory and helps give a more optimistic outlook on life. Clear some space. Sometimes we start to lose our sanity by living with clutter, cleaning your house can put you in a better mood. Have a pandemic discussion with your children. Having a pandemic discussion can clear up any confusion about COVID and give them a better understanding on what it is and why they have to discontinue school and social interaction for a while. It’s a huge transition for kids as well, considering they have grown accustomed to going to school and interacting with others on a daily basis, to now, only currently interacting through computer screens. Mama, start today by being productive with purpose to alleviate the pandemic blues and begin living your best life. You got this!

Musical Therapy Session

 While I was studying for my Masters in Psychology something that I learned really resonated with me and that was music can be therapeutic and is actually proven to alleviate stress, muscle tension as well as depression. Music can even boost self-esteem, being a lover of music, I found that comforting. Struggling with postpartum depression, it can be difficult to be in good spirits all of the time. The other day, I decided to listen to songs that I haven’t listened to in quite awhile like Torn by Natalie Imbruglia, Don’t Speak by No Doubt and Ironic by Alanis Morissette. Listening to those songs brought back forgotten memories of the past and it encouraged me,  eventually I found myself singing and dancing along. Before I knew it, I spent an hour listening to my favorite songs, and realized I created my own personal therapy session, with music. Afterwards, I felt so much better. No matter if you enjoy listening to Billie Holiday or System of a Down. Mental health is important. If you need therapy after hours, create your own musical therapy session. What are you waiting for, mama? Take some time out of your day and listen to your favorite tunes, and heal, even if it’s just for a little while.

You Need A 15 Minute Timeout

Today, I woke up feeling like….. An exhausted, zombie mom. No, not P. Diddy, even though some aspects of his life would be quite nice, well at least the financial ones. I am the proud mother of 2 girls. My first born is 9 years old. She is my helper, she talks like she has no breaths and is always so energetic it seems as if she comes equipped with batteries. My second daughter is my baby literally, she is only 2 months old and one of the main reasons why I feel like an exhausted, zombie mom. Last night, she just refused to go to sleep. She would give me false hope and close her eyes and pretend that she was asleep for 15 minutes, then randomly wake up with a loud cry and then laugh when I got up to put her cry silencer in her mouth again. I am convinced that she believes that I don’t need sleep, but her sweet precious smile just melts me and makes me forget that I have been sleep deprived ever since she was born. Being a mom, you can become stuck in a rut, and put all of your energy and focus towards your children, that you forget about the one person who is always there for them, yourself. Yes, our children are top priority and they require our special attention, but it’s also top priority to take care of yourself as well. As my mom has always said, if you don’t take care of yourself, who will? This is a serious question for moms to evaluate. It’s okay to have five minutes to ourselves. It’s not a sin if we spend money on what we like. We desperately need to incorporate self-care in our daily regimen or we could have a serious unnecessary breakdown. Trust me, it was hard at first, including daily self-care sessions, but it’s truly worth it. Even if it’s 10 minutes a day, you are worth every minute. In my posts, I will suggest a daily helpful tip or trick for self-care because, sis, we just need the break. So here is my first helpful tip: Give yourself a 15 minute timeout! My first 15 minute timeout was in the bathroom because if my kids saw me, one would cry for me and the other would talk so much that my own thoughts would go unheard. I told my significant other and my nine year old that I needed to use the bathroom, and no lies were told. You see, I did need to use the bathroom, to gather my thoughts, to breathe, reflect and feel like a human again. Moms have a reputation of giving so much that we are depleted at the end of the day, and that is ultimately destructive behavior, because if you overextend yourself and give everything you have both mentally and physically to your partner and children, what is left for yourself? Mama, give yourself that 15 minute timeout, because you are definitely worth it!

My Top 5 Favorite Self-Care Products

For me to initiate self-care, I need something to work with and that means self-care tools and products. Smelling and feeling good is essential for boosting your self-esteem and helping you become comfortable in your own skin. Here are my top five favorite products for self-care:

  1. Method Body Simply NourishBody Wash and Bar ( Body Wash 18 fl.oz and Body Bar 6 oz)

You want your skin to feel completely nourished, hydrated and delicious. Try Method Body in the scent Simply Nourish. This product combines coconut, rice milk and shea butter to give you the perfect refreshing scent. The body wash retails at $6.99 and the bar $3.99. This is affordable for something that smells so luxurious. 

  1. The Honey Pot Sensitive Wash (5.51 fl.oz)

Feminine care is important to a woman, especially a mama considering we go through so many changes after childbirth, having the right feminine wash is essential. This product is amazing and it definitely helps me feel clean and protected. The Honey Pot retails at $9.99.If you are in the market for an effective feminine wash try The Honey Pot products, you will not regret purchasing this. 

  1. Reshma Beauty Face Wash, Turmeric (5.07 fl.oz)

When I discovered this product, it was life-changing. My skin has never looked this good. This is a deep cleansing face wash that helps manage breakouts and contains anti-inflammatory and healing properties. My skin is naturally dryer, and before using this product, I was never able to wash my face twice a day which caused me to break out because so much dirt would accumulate on my skin throughout the day. Now, I can wash my face twice a day without my skin over drying. In love with this product! This face wash retails at $14.99.

  1. OGX Extra Creamy Coconut Miracle Oil Lotion (29.25 fl.oz)

If you have dry skin like me, then this lotion is perfect for you. The OGX Extra Creamy Coconut Miracle Oil Lotion makes you smell like a tropical island. Thick in texture, you don’t need much to cover your whole body. The scent is incredible, you will be receiving compliments all day. This retails at $12.50

  1. Good Chemistry, Queen Bee (4.25 fl.oz)

Do you want to smell like a boss mom? Take a trip to Target and smell like success with this body spray. This product is infused with essential oils and helps you make a bold statement. I love using this spray when I need to be more confident, like Beyonce. The price is incredible, it retails at $9.99

What are you waiting for, mama? Get your self-care on and start purchasing products that you enjoy!

Ready, Set, Self-Care!

As a busy mom, self-care can be difficult to maintain, but it’s definitely worth it. If self-care is not included in your daily regimen, you will start to lose yourself as a woman. Here are 3 easy ways to incorporate self-care on a daily basis that are not so time consuming: 1. Purchase your favorite body wash and lotion. I know it may sound silly, but smelling and being clean is an important step to self-care. Trust me, you will feel like a woman again. 2. Watch YouTube videos about self-care. You might be thinking I sound like quite the crazy person, but this is a great way to learn about what works with your budget as well as researching what type of products are actually out there. 3. Comfy and cute pajamas are necessary. Wearing the same old raggedy pajamas at night after you have taken a well-deserved shower can be depressing. Spice up your night with some cute pajamas. This will definitely help boost your self-esteem. So what are you waiting for? Get your self-care on mama!