Bridgerton Review Season 2 Episode 3: A Bee In Your Bonnet and Episode 4: Victory

Nostalgia sets the mood for the beginning of this episode as young Anthony is learning to hunt with his now passed father. I have to admit I cried ugly tears when Edmund, Anthony’s father, passed. The pain, agony and fear that was in young Anthony’s eyes completely tore me apart. Anthony had to quickly step up to be the man of the house as Lady Bridgerton pleaded that he take care of his younger siblings as she didn’t want them to see their father slowly die. Fast forward to present day and on a less grim note, Anthony invited young Edwina, her family and Lady Dansbury to his ancestral abode, Aubrey Hall ( a magnificent abode that is) Edwina excited with high hopes that she will be Anthony’s viscountess, and Kate her secretly jealous sister, insists to keep her options open but is quickly prompted by Edwina to be on her best behavior. Meanwhile, Lady Featherington devises a plan that her oldest daughter Prudence marry her cousin Lord Featherington so she can stay comfortably in her position. The Duchess Daphne visits her family with her bouncing baby and reminds her family that she is still apart of the the family regardless of her married life with Simon. Anthony fills Daphne in on his current muse and asks for assistance to win over both sisters in hopes to win over his potential bride, Edwina. Anthony asks his mother again for the family ring to eventually give Edwina however, Lady Bridgerton advises Anthony to get to know Edwina more and ask her hand with a clear mind before rushing into things because she knows what he doesn’t speak of and that is the undeniably secret admiration he has for Kate. Anthony has a flashback of when his father first passed and the responsibilities that he abruptly had to take. Daphne likes Kate more for her brother Anthony and Edwina feels slightly defeated. Penelope has been assured by the French bodiste that she will not expose her ghost persona. As the family and their guests play pallmall, Anthony is humiliated by Kate as she takes his favorite tool to win and Edwina is starting to see the spark between Anthony and her sister, or so it seems. Lady Bridgerton and Mary bond over fond memories. Bested by her sister Kate from the game of pallmall, Edwina hesitantly bows out of the game in shame. Kate is so competitive that I can tell she sparks more of Anthony’s interest. Trying to retrieve the ball to return to the game, Kate and Anthony become lost in the woods have a moment of wit and intimacy. Anthony had a harsh memory when he looks at his father’s tombstone in the muddy woods and calls for the game to be immediately over and rushes back to the company awaiting them. Another flashback to when Lady Bridgerton was about to give birth to her eighth child, Anthony was forced to make a decision as the acting lordship, to save his mother or the baby and he gave the chose to his mother which brought the tears flowing again, the agony both of them endured to make such a decision without Lady Bridgerton’s counterpart. Lady Featherington is teaching her daughter Prudence to be more seductive to her fourth cousin Lord Featherington to be the lady of the house quite awkward and strange if you ask me. Prudence embarrassed herself with her ignorance of travel and Lord Featherington is immediately disinterested which made me elated with his sudden choice. Edwina and Anthony have a pleasant chat on the couch and share a moment with her love of books and learning. Maybe there is potential between them both, we shall soon see. Daphne discusses her brother’s potential prospect but she reminds him that love is more than a good chat and that it goes deeper than that, that love is an undeniable feeling that is not forced but simply beautifully formed and he deeply contemplates on her words. I love that Daphne is discreetly giving her opinion on who is better suited for him without revealing names. Anthony purposely denies his feelings and believes he feels those feelings with Edwina when it’s quite obvious he doesn’t. Lord Featherington invited the Cowpers for dinner and his eyes are all on Miss Cressida Cowper as she is intrigued with his travels to the Americas. Competition arouses between Prudence and Cressida is they humbly gloat on their accomplishments. Lord Featherington interests are made known to Cressida and he invites her on a formal date. Collin gives Benedict an elixir to help ease his anxiety about being accepted in art school, peyote perhaps. Eloise and Kate bonded on vices of being a spinster. Loved that this topic was discussed about not being okay with being viewed as property or lesser for not being paired with a man.It it is now clear to me why Anthony is numb to the feelings of love and just sees marriage as a duty because he watched his mother suffer for the love of her life. He refuses still to love someone for marriage to potentially suffer the grief that his mother went through, he continues to stick to his plan to marry out of duty rather than true love . Daphne makes her opinion known by finding similarities between Anthony and Kate. Anthony wanted to make a toast to ask for Edwina’s hand but seeing Kate’s face he immediately backed down and asked Edwina something irrelevant that she was heavily disappointed by. Relieved Kate was able to breath with satisfaction. Edwina expresses her defeat and hurt to her sister and states she should have been better. Kate assures her she is a diamond and has other prospects at hand but is also secretly happy that he didn’t ask for her sister’s hand for there to be a chance for true love for her. High on Collin’s elixir Benedict discovers that he has been accepted into the academy makes a straight fool of himself. Collin inquired about Miss Thompson from Eloise. Lady Whistledown degrades the new modiste as her expertise is not that experienced in dresses as the town thought, giving Madame Delacroix high precedence. Penelope makes her admiration known to Madame Delacroix about her woman-owned business and proposes a plan to help each other. Madame Delacroix drums up more business thanks to Lady Whistledown’s gossip and is willing to assist her with keeping her identity a secret. Kate tried to mend the disaster that happened the other night with Anthony, but a bee stings Kate in the midst of their bickering and Anthony has a panic attack thinking the same thing will happen to her as did his father and the chemistry and sparks that flew when they almost kissed should have awakened Anthony to his true feelings towards Kate but yet again he digresses . They both run from the scene in utter disbelief that their true feelings for each other have been revealed, steamy steamy now….

Episode 4: Victory

Lady Bridgerton is hosting her heart and flowers ball at the ancestral home, Aubrey Hall. The decorating is absolutely exquisite and breathtaking. Anthony is crippled with contemplation as he deciphers if it was in his best interest to invite the Sharmas to his mansion. Benedict urges him to wonder outside where fresh air resides to better accommodate his decision. Meanwhile Kate is having her session of self-reflecting reminiscing about the magical moment that happened the other day. Edwina notices the difference in her sister’s demeanor and confronts her. Edwina announces that she knows why the viscount hasn’t asked for her hand and it was because of Kate. Fear flooded all over Kate’s face as she thought that her sister recognized her secret love but was relieved that she was just as clueless before when she blames the “hate” between Kate and Anthony. This reassured Kate that her secret is kept safe even if it’s just a little longer. Even though Edwina’s obsession with marrying the viscount is simply superficial she is determined to persuade him to marry her and asks for her sister’s assistance. Daphne and Lady Bridgerton discuss the mystery of miss Edwina. Penelope is defensive when Eloise is persistent about finding out who Lady Whistledown’s identity when she wondered on the dangerous side of town. Edwina “forces” Kate and Anthony to bond but failed by the viscount’s pride. Edwina continued to urged Kate to hunt with Anthony for him to spend more time becoming better acquainted. Collin pays Miss Thompson a visit to reconnect, which leaves an awkward sting in the air. Edwina reveals to Daphne, Lady Dansbury and Bridgerton that it was an excellent idea for Kate and Anthony to spend time together for the day. The look on Daphne’s face was priceless it looked like she wanted to say you stupid and foolish girl don’t you see the spark between them both. Edwina is naive which will lead to her demise. Collin meets Marina’s husband Sir Phillip Crane and is invited to dinner. I really don’t understand why Collin wanted to visit Marina as she is already married with a comfortable home, maybe guilt and curiosity overcame him and he wanted to see for himself. Kate is being a stubborn and determined hunter and rejects being guided by the men in the group and urgently wonders off on her own path. Lady Featherington continues to coach Prudence to potentially win over Lord Featherington. When Anthony finds Kate quietly in the woods strategically pinning down her prey, the intensity of their attraction for each other gives me shivers. He boldly intructs her how to hold a gun to shoot down her prey and when he does, it becomes steamy, the hot breathes the physical touch was so fiery, my eyes were unwaveringly pinned to the screen. Of course they were interrupted by their prying posse that the fire between them quickly was put out. Marina demands that Collin leaves her home and wants to leave whatever they had between them in the past. She reads him like a predictable book and I was here for it. She reveals that even though she is not in love with her husband he takes care of her and is numb to the fantasy of what she once thought was love and encourages Collin to wake up to reality. She points out to him the people in his life who care for him, specifically Penelope. Edwina freightens Kate as she returns from the hunt with Anthony and grills her on how it went when she assures her it went well she prompts her to keep on doing what she is doing. Again, she is so blind to what is actually happening because they are falling in love right before her and she is left in fantasy world hoping this will help her chances of her being the next viscountess. Anthony has a restless night as he can’t stop thinking about Kate which makes him conflicted about his future decisions. Restless as well, Edwina decided to take a stroll in the mansion which lands her in the library, using his instinct Anthony finds her and they share an intimate moment on how his father died. The eye contact becomes so intense that it scares Kate to leave Anthony in awe. As preparing for the ball Daphne mentions to her mother that she predicted that Anthony would marry someone similar to him. She then confronts Anthony about her concerns and he tells his sister not to meddle in his business because he doesn’t want his secrets to be revealed and to just stick with his original plan of courting to marry miss Edwina. Eloise is practically forced by her mother to go against her beliefs about good society and have a dance with Mr. Morrison but that came to an abrupt end when he says something too radical she storms off the dance floor and prefers to cry her defiant tears in her room. I am absolutely shocked when Edwina encourages her sister Kate to dance with Anthony in hopes of her having a better chance to be asked for her hand by Anthony. Like girl, how can you not notice that they are falling in love and you are forcing them to have more opportunities to fall even more in love. I am a sucker for intense eye contact I literally swooned and wish I was in that moment. Kate reveals to Anthony that she will return to India once Edwina married him and this angered Anthony as he storms off the dance floor, Kate chases after him to assure her sister that she can fix it. Kate and Anthony meet right back at the library sharing how much they “hate” one another in yet one of many steamy moments and Anthony whispers softly in Kate’s ear to tell him that she doesn’t care for him and he will walk away they were about to kiss and Daphne walks in on the heated moment. Daphne reveals her suspicions that he is in fact in love with Kate. Lady Dansbury has a much needed heart to heart with Kate to be honest with her sister and to herself on the inheritance scheme and how she really feels about Anthony. Lord Featherington reveals to Lady Featherington that he is a penniless man and the reason why he wanted to court Cressida was to secure the family bag but of course Lady Featherington ruins things yet again, she is such a frustrating woman. Penelope hunts down Collin to know how the meeting went with Marina. She is disappointed that he regrets how things transpired. Defeated Edwina and Kate walk to the carriage to return with Lady Dansbury and Mary, then things take a weird turn, Anthony rushes towards the carriage with the family ring Kate thinks he is going to speak with her but instead directs his intentions towards Edwina and asks for her hand in marriage leaving everyone in suspense. Oh the tea just go so hot that is spilled everywhere…

Bridgerton Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Off To The Races

I must confess, I absolutely adore the aesthetics of Bridgerton, the attire is so eloquent and mesmerizing. In this episode, it has been confirmed that Edwina Sharma is the Diamond every respectable suitor has been looking for, especially Anthony Bridgerton. Kate Sharma purposely left Anthony off of the list to be invited to the “meet and greet” that Lady Dansbury is hosting on behalf of Edwina because he left a bad (maybe secretly pleasant) taste in her mouth that helped her determine his is not the right suitor for her Diamond sister, Edwina. Lady Dansbury schools Kate once again, that marriage is simply a business not for absolute pleasure. Kate is responsible for screening the young suitors at the mansion as Anthony Bridgerton casually walks in and cuts the line almost begging to take young Edwina to the horse races later in the afternoon. Kate immediately rejects his offer and any offer he requests because of her distaste in him. I feel like Kate is opposed to the idea of Anthony because she secretly wants him, but we soon shall see 👀. Kate reveals to Anthony what she heard at the ball about his expectations in a viscountess and shuts him out with a hard no to her beloved sister, Edwina. Collin Bridgerton returns home as Penelope is visiting Eloise and she is more than elated that he is in her presence. Boys and girls, the eye contact between Penelope and Collin was so steamy and enjoyable, love is definitely blossoming between the two. Kate already has an interested suitor Mr. Dorset. I definitely see the conflicting feelings that Kate has as her eyes wonder to Anthony Bridgerton in admiration. Edwina was being escorted by Lumley when Anthony confidently squeezes in between Edwina and Kate as Lumley is directed to fetch the lemonade. Penelope and Collin! I can’t get enough and I love that she is giddy and excited again maybe Lady Whistledown will have less tea to spill now that Collin has returned. Kate is jealous that Edwina and Anthony are getting cozy and she advises her forbidden love interest, to search for Lumley. As Kate and Anthony stand together cheering the horses on it seems like they are more of a better match than Kate’s sister. Kate feels empowered that her horse won and gloats in front of Anthony. Immediately Anthony jabs back and takes Edwina to see his horse, brushing Lumley to the side. Lumley, in my opinion is a bit of a pushover and easily accepts his loss when he should be fighting for her hand but his respect for Anthony holds him back, shamelessly. Dorset reveals a secret that makes Kate heated. He revealed that he attended school with Anthony at Oxford and was told not to say a word about it for fear of her interfering with the potential romance between Edwina and his friend. Kate demands that Edwina leaves with her and warns Anthony to never speak to them again. Kate should just accept her secret feelings for him instead of being stoic and closed off to the idea of love but let’s proceed. Anthony gives Edwina a glimpse of hope as he assures her his plan was to only spend time with her. Eloise becomes too curious for her own good and she tries to know more about Lady Whistledown and her whereabouts and she secretly visits the place where the queen of tea prints her writings. Eloise is not given a clue and Lady Whistledown’s posse refuse to reveal who she really is. Lady Featherington attempted to force her presence unto the new man of the house when he declines her limited power and reveals to find a new lady to reside and run the house, she became defeated. Ooo! She was cut down to size and it kind of brought joy to my heart, in an unusual way. The Queen has the opportunity to speak with Edwina and strategically implies to tell her who she is considering to be the suitor to give her blessings and advice. Anthony’s brothers read him and his true intentions towards Edwina and are not convinced he is after her for love. Kate is still callous towards Anthony about his intentions and reads him his rights, as well, when it comes to her sister’s desires as he presents a horse as a gift misreading what Edwina truly adores. Lady Bridgerton reprimands Anthony’s recent behavior which leaves his siblings pleasantly shocked. Penelope and Edwina begin a pleasant and meaningful conversation, but quickly leaves to attend Collin’s side. Collin surprisingly thanks Penelope for helping him find himself through her letters of encouragement, however, she is immediately disappointed that he tells her that he considers her a dear friend (whomp). Benedict has been urged by Anthony to have a quick discussion on the purpose of poetry in hopes to enlighten Edwina. Anthony crashes Lady Dansbury’s party to read Edwina some meaningful poetry but suddenly discards it in the fire and says his own words of sincerity. Edwina feverishly swoons over him and rushes towards him. Kate advises against it but she follows her heart and ignores her sister’s wishes. Girls and boys, did you see that eye contact between Kate and Anthony, wowzer 🤩. It brought shivers down my spine, for sure! Kate makes a dramatic exit by bumping into a butler for everyone to see. Lady Dansbury is back at again reading Kate’s rights about being alone and not finding a respectable suitor herself. Lady Bridgerton catches Anthony slipping as he was hopelessly staring at Kate instead of the miss Edwina. Lady Dansbury peeped it too and gave Lady Bridgerton the nod that something is definitely happening between them. Penelope is discovered by a familiar face as she is doing business in the slums. The Queen might be on to something as she shuffles respectable young ladies only to stop upon Penelope’s profile. Ugh! 😩 This is getting so juicy, I am anticipating the next episode. Stay-tuned for next Friday’s Bridgerton Review for Season 2 Episode 3, I have a feeling it’s going to be hot, hot, hot!

Bridgeton Season 2 Episode 1: Capital R Rake

Last season, I did episode reviews and I thoroughly enjoyed doing them and giving my synopsis and take on each episode. This season, I am super excited to do episode reviews for season 2, because the previous season was too delicious!

Last Season, we discovered the Penelope was actually Lady Whistledown who was the one writing all of the gossip pieces which made it a pleasant twist. In the beginning of the first episode of season two, Eloise Bridgerton was about to come out to society as a respectable young lady when abruptly Lady Whistledown came out with some readable tea and Queen Charlotte dismissed the ritual to catch up on the latest gossip. Can I just dote on how much I love the ethnic diversity it’s vast, rare and brings some spice and flavor to the show. Anthony Bridgerton obsession with finding the right partner has collided with his need to sexually fulfill his desires with ladies of the night (he is doing too much). However, after he goes out for his horse ride, in the wee hours of the morning, he then meets the stunning beauty Kate Sharma as they valiantly race with their horses. Anthony is impressed as Kate wins the horse-riding battle. We discover that Kate Sharma is the step-daughter of Lady Mary who just moved in town. Lady Danbury makes her scene as sponsoring Lady Mary’s two daughter’s Kate and Edwina Sharma. At 26, Kate is considered an old maid, faith has simply gone out the window in finding her a suitor. Whereas, her younger sister Edwina is the hope of their family. She is beautiful, young and intelligent and is bound to swiftly find a respectable suitor. It was quickly revealed at the ball that Lady Mary was involved in a scandalous relationship with a common man who was already with a child, the child is Kate Sharma who blended a family with Lady Mary and Edwina. Lady Danbury schools Kate on the normal processes when being involved with an eligible bachelor. Kate becomes enamored with Anthony Bridgerton, the current most eligible bachelor and by looks of it Edwina is enamored as well. I enjoyed when Kate read Anthony his rights when it came to his despicable views of his requirements of finding a viscountess. Kate Sharma, Edwina and Mary all live with Lady Danbury. My favorite character hands down is Penelope. She is a great writer, well-informed, gracefully volumptous and mysterious by concealing the fact that she is a ghost writer . I love how much love and motherly concern Lady Bridgerton has for her son Anthony when it comes to his expectations. Secrets have been revealed about Kate Sharma by Lady Danbury that shocked me when it was discovered that the only reason she came to live with Lady Danbury was after her father passed, her and Lady Mary struggled to raise Edwina, funds ran low and Edwina’s grandparents the Sheffield’s, agreed to give Edwina a sizable dowry and take care of Lady Mary if she married into a proper family. Considering Kate is not biologically related to Lady Mary or Edwina she was not offered such charity. Kate taught Edwina to become the most desirable well-respected lady. Her sacrifices has shown how much she loves her step-sister. Lady Danbury helps Kate’s endeavors by persuading the Queen that Edwina is quite the catch and a force to be reckoned with. The Queen compliments on how mature Eloise Bridgerton has become, which gives her an extra “pep in her step.” The surprise announcement from the Queen that she chose Edwina Sharma to basically be the dime piece of that time is quite extraordinary. This honor helped Anthony rush in and ask Edwina for a dance. Edwina and Anthony quickly connect and share a bond that stemmed from the loss of both of their fathers. However, I feel that there will be another forbidden love scandal in the air between Kate and Anthony. Thanks to Lady Whistledown’s enlightening gossip piece the Queen had an epiphany that Edwina Sharma is her diamond in the rough and the main- focus for all of the tea this season. Tune in for this Friday for another review for episode 2. It’s getting hot and juicy!

Find Your Own Path and Follow It!

Finding your own path is crucial for discovering self-identity. If you imitate what others are doing on their own path, constantly, you will be lost and confused. Discovering your own path, however, will give you such freedom to go in the direction that is specifically designed for you. Everyone was not created to go down the same path because that would be crowded and honestly, lacking in originality as well as just plain boring (snooze sesh 💤 ). Naturally, we adapt to the teachings of our parents or guardians growing up, but that doesn’t mean that has to be our own path that we have to follow for the rest of your lives. Sometimes, stepping out and taking the first step to discover your own path is necessary to be the person you were destined to be. Don’t worry so much about what it might look like to others, when you are going down your path, you will start to feel liberated in a way that other’s paths could not serve. Life is a journey and a learning experience. Others may attempt to give you their opinions on which path to follow, but remember, the final choice is yours. You are the ruler of your own destiny, create it, and be happy with it. You have to be with yourself for the rest of your life, you might as well enjoy your journey in finding the right path that fits for you. Trust your judgement and intuition and follow the path that completely satisfies your individuality, for you and you only.

I am Enough

For tonight’s blog post, I thought I would share a poem that I recently wrote. I have incorporated some affirmations that I daily speak to manifest and I am officially making it my mantra. I hope this poem can be useful to you and maybe even adopting as your own mantra.

I am enough, I am full of love, I rose above what kept me down. I wear my crown free and proud, it’s nor longer slipping. I can climb, I can reach, I can be me. I am strong, I am brave, I am unwavering, I can withstand anything life may bring. I am sensitive, I am receptive I am giving but within reason, I have learned how to set boundaries, that helps protect me. I am beautiful, I am dark I am fearless, evil flees when it feels my energy. I am unique I am weird I am strange I have the power to change what’s in front me. I am whole, I am complete, I am satisfied that I finally recognized, I am enough.

Soul Tribe

Have you ever met a group of people that just gets you? Who loves you without judgement and gives you unconditional love with no strings attached? A group of people who you can absolutely be vulnerable with and you feel like you have known them for a lifetime? That is your soul tribe. People who are seriously concerned about your well-being, both spiritually and physically. Your soul tribe doesn’t necessarily have to be your actual family ( could be) but you know when someone is apart of your tribe when nothing can spiritually keep you apart from them. Your souls are beautifully connected. They are there with you in happiness, silence or even separation. Whenever you are ready to return to your soul tribe they will always be waiting for you with open arms. As I continue my spiritual journey, I am grateful that I found a couple of soul sisters from my tribe. I know that I have a few others that are apart of the tribe that I haven’t met just yet but I know that I will meet them as I travel through life. If you haven’t met members of your soul tribe still, just know they will come as you continue your soul’s journey. If you have met some, be grateful that you are blessed that you have such abundant soul support.

Protect Your Peace

I used to believe chaos was peace because at one point in my life, I was constantly being surrounded by it. I settled for torment because that was the only thing I was familiar with and allowed it to dictate my life, which was destroying my mental health. Until one day I had an epiphany, I realized peace should come within and work it’s way out. By that I mean eliminating anything that was not contributing to peace whether that be thoughts, ideas, things, places or people. As I started to seriously practice self-love and care I noticed an internal freedom and release that the chaos that I was familiar with, would never give me. I felt empowered. Now, I disengage from anything that doesn’t bring me peace. Protecting your peace is so important on a self-care journey. I love myself so much that I will protect my peace at all cost. If I know something is going to disturb my peace I don’t allow it to enter my life. I encourage you to protect your peace by eliminating anything that doesn’t serve you and make those difficult decisions to release anything that irritates your inner peace. Don’t settle for chaos because it’s familiar, recognize your self-worth by protecting your peace as you continue your self-care journey. Peace equals internal freedom, bask in it!

Live In Your Truth

For years, I was fearful of who I truly was or what I believed in. I wanted to fit in, and tried my very best to do so, but I always felt uncomfortable in my skin, to a certain extent. I was never happy because I was trying to keep my truth hidden to please others and I felt this enormous amount of guilt and lack. Having this fear, led to people-pleasing, others taking advantage of me and me left feeling aimless. It was a constant battle that was slowly destroying me. I became tired of hiding and I wanted to reveal who I was and what my truth actually is. Finally, I was fed up with that toxic mindset of avoiding my truth and decided to step into who I am and what I fully believe in. I must say, when I decided to take that step into a life-changing transformation, I felt like a burden was removed from my shoulders. So, allow me to introduce myself again, my name is Naomi and I am kind, caring, compassionate, fierce, free-spirited, spiritual and divine. Now, that I discovered who I truly am, I never want to pretend to be someone that I could never fully be, because that was never meant for me. I completely stepped into my truth and I love it here! I encourage you to step into your truth and no longer hide who you are just satisfy others. When you do, it will be magical and you will have more self- love and respect, it will feel like a victory has been won. Meditate, speak affirmations into the universe and just enjoy the journey of stepping into your truth. What are you waiting for? Step into your truth to feel a divine connection within yourself.

Give Your Space A Deep Cleanse

If you are experiencing low-energy, not processing thoughts well or just surrounded by negativity it might be time to deep cleanse your space. Everyone cleans their space but I am talking about giving your area the attention and care that it needs, clean with intention. Sometimes we feel down because our space is gloomy and needs a little reviving. Sundays are usually my days to clean, yesterday, I decided to clean with intention instead of rushing it, I took my time. I verbally put good vibes into my space with my daily affirmations and just enjoyed my cleaning time, it has been a long time since I really enjoyed it and I must say, I needed it. After cleaning with intention, I felt like I was breathing new air and my space was peaceful. If you are constantly feeling like you are in a dark place, maybe reviving and deep cleaning your space will do the trick, I know it cleared the air for me.


Happy Martin Luther King Day! Today, I decided to share this short but sweet poem that I wrote a few years ago, that I hope you all will enjoy!

I got a lot of hurt in me but I try to ignore it, I am weary but I am strong and move forward, onward, I go. It’s the only thing I really know, my friend and my foe. I thought I have been through this before, I guess I am not familiar enough, life gets rough, but onward I go I take every blow and feel it in my soul, deeper I go to who knows where but at least I am going there, at least I am aware. I stare into space trying to make sense of this strange taste in my mouth, trying to understand why everything went south. But it was meant to be, this is my tainted destiny. This red elixir keeps me company, like a soothing tea. I was vision impaired but I am slowly starting to see that what will be, will be and because of this, I rest in this new found clarity.