Bridgerton Review: Episode 7 & 8

The last review of the Season. Farewell, Bridgerton, until next season!

Bridgerton Review: Episode 6 Swish

Last episode, it ended on at a rather heated scene. This episode the steam was cranked just a little higher when Duke and Duchess Hastings spend their honeymoon together at their new home, Clyvedon. Daphne is glowing in the open scene and Hastings is smitten in love. Clyvedon is such a magnificent mansion that itContinue reading “Bridgerton Review: Episode 6 Swish”

Bridgerton Review: Episode 4 An Affair of Honor

The tea continues to spill with episode four. Prince Friedrich is really trying to impress Daphne with an exquisite necklace, however Daphne is conflicted with flashbacks about the Duke of Hastings. Meanwhile, Marina is angered that she has to marry immediately in order for her secret to not be revealed. I enjoyed Eloise’s rant aboutContinue reading “Bridgerton Review: Episode 4 An Affair of Honor”