Tips and Tricks For A Tolerable “Time of The Month”

Instead of making the “time of the month” dreadful, make it tolerable with these tips and tricks….

Let Laughter Be The Remedy

Life can sometimes give us a series of unfortunate events that can be seriously damaging and can cause us to have a cold demeanor. However, I am firm believer that a positive disposition can make a big difference. I love to laugh, and as the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine, literally. Laughter hasContinue reading “Let Laughter Be The Remedy”

Self-Care With Daily Affirmations

Negativity never gives any wanted results, so why include it in your vocabulary? Through experience, I have learned that if you speak, think or teach negatively you will receive just that, negative, unfruitful results. Thankfully, we can let go of pessimistic thinking and embrace positivity with open arms. I used to suffer with severe depressionContinue reading “Self-Care With Daily Affirmations”